Monday, July 6, 2009

Tour de Fleece Day Three

Whew! I am finally through half of my Alaskan Sass fiber. I fall in love with it more and more each time I spin it. The colors are so unique. I have never seen a green this color and the pink is just my favorite. I really hope that after I ply it I have enough for a pair of mittens or some other useful winter wear.

Not only did I get my wonderful swap package today (anyone I talk to today is forced to listen to how awesome it was!) but I also received a few batts from eXtreme spinning, which I will be spinning on my "challenge day" of the tour. The last package was my third installment of The Loopy Ewe sock club. Never mind I haven't knitted ANY of my socks... I have plans to. Big plans. :) Anyway, the color this month was red and the pattern is from Wendy of Wendy Knits. Beautiful. And we also got a cool sheep stitch marker and a namaste case!! I will hopefully post pictures tomorrow. I am in love with this little case though. In LOVE. The red is just perfect and matches all of my red shoes... I wonder if I could use it as a very small clutch? Hmm... Ok, I am going to eat some junk food and go to bed. It is WAY too hot. I live in AK because I enjoy cold weather, and this 75-80* business is killing me.

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Sarah said...

I'm so happy you're loving your fiber!! I can't even express my excitement at seeing your posts talking about it, and the pictures? Too awesome for words!! :) Thank you for creating something so darn phabulous from my fiber!!