Friday, July 24, 2009

Phat Fiber July Box!

(You can click on the pictures for a closer look!)

The July theme for Phat Fiber was "no wool" I decided to order a "Just Fluff" box so I could try my hand at spinning all of these new fibers. And they are gorgeous. Let me get to naming the samples and giving you some fun links to drool over.

The sample with FOUR samples on it came from Natural Obsessions. The colors are right up my alley and included a sample of silk, milk, tencel, and bamboo. A *gorgeous* grey sample of soy silk from Enchanted Yarn. I think that all of the natural colors will look really cool with the bright dyed fibers spun in... I'm pretty excited about it. Another natural colored sample from The Critter Ranch. It is called "Midnight Frost" and is soo soft...and because it is alpaca, I think it will be a bit easier to spin. I really like the tag because it has pictures of the alpacas on it. Some overdyed mohair locks in gorgeous midnight jewel tones from Farmgirl Chic. I have not spun with mohair and I think it will be interesting to try. A pale pink sample of milk fiber from Giffordables called "Chantilly Lace". I really like milk fiber, but I have not been able to master spinning it yet... hopefully these samples will give me enough practice to get better. A sample of spinnable acrylic fiber... it is very soft! I was really surprised. The sample came from Holiday Yarns. A naturally dyed bamboo sample from Tactile fiber arts. I think these fibers are simply amazing. The colors that she is able to achieve using natural dye is stunning. A sample of rainbow mohair locks from Fiber Fancy. I was VERY excited to get this, as this was the one sample I was coveting from the video. Fiber Fancy has GREAT prices, and I am currently spinning some of her fiber for Tour de Fleece. I LOVE it. Another mohair sample from RuLe OuT: FiBer AdDicTiOn, NOS with an awesome name, "Sheep Go To Heaven" (I wonder if it is a nod to the Cake song...) and great packaging. A very big, very gorgeous bamboo sample from Sweet Pea Fibers. I really like the colors... the blues and purples... yum. If I get better at spinning bamboo, I will definitely be running to her shop to order more. A very cute little milk and bamboo braid from Moonwood Farm. I have heard wonderful things about her fibers, and I love that she raises her own animals. Another natural colored alpaca sample from Ambrosia and Bliss. It is a gorgeous brown color carded with some firestar for a little *bling*. Another wonderful bamboo sample from Beesybee Fibers. I think this will go great with the Sweet Pea Fibers sample... I really have to get to spinning... almost done. A green, black, and white sample batt from WoolyHands. The fibers include alpaca, camel down (yum!), mohair, and bamboo. The last fiber sample is from Boho Knitter Chic. It is a sample of eco spun (which is made from recycled soda bottles!) and bombyx silk noil. I am very excited about the eco spun fiber... I am hoping if I like it that I am able to get my hands on some more... I also scored a very pretty hand stamped card from WineMakers Sister. (She designed the moose in socks for my shop!) Also a cowl pattern from Kira K Designs. I love her stuff.

Whew! Alright, now off to get some work done before I have to go to work! Don't forget, I will be contributing to the Phat Fiber box in August. I dyed most of my samples yesterday, and plan on finishing them up today. I will post a sneak peak of them here when they are ready to go.

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