Friday, January 27, 2012

Finally Friday

Right Around, Baby
Remember that rainbow scarf I was talking about... well, here are the first three yarns that I have spun for it...

I'm going to spin a different yarn before I finish the other half of these yarns... I'm tired of n-plying. :P 

Sticks and String
A picture of the hat that I knit for Josh, but is too small. It is gorgeous. I am not sure what is going to happen with it now, as I think it is a bit tight for me as well, but I like to look at it. 

I didn't do very good with my menu making this month. The first week, I rocked it. The menu I made somehow lasted two weeks, and since then, I have been bombing. Feeding Sawyer feels like a full time job, and it is exhausting. I'm trying to find snacks that are healthy and fill him up for more than five mins... Tonight Weston is at a friend's house, so I really should be taking advantage of the time alone in the house and knitting or spinning... instead I've puttered around on the computer and I'm almost ready for bed. Oh well. I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm hoping it warms up soon. The news informed me the average temperature of the month has been 2.6! ACK! We are on track to have the coldest January on record. That is crazy. Brrr. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

A long week

Sawyer had his first real fever this week. It was around 102 and I was getting worried. Luckily, with one dose of Motrin and a good night's sleep, he was recovered. He has had a pretty good week otherwise.... less crabby and more fun. 

In the Kitchen
I don't remember if I cooked too much last week. I did make spinach lasagna and chicken ranch pizza.... I am probably going to make sweet and sour chicken tonight with fried rice. I'm always excited about that meal...

I haven't been feeling awesome lately. It is quite annoying actually. My stomach has just been a bit off and it is driving me nuts. I just never feel good. I'm ready to feel back to normal.  Other than that, things are great. Alright, off to make a dinner menu for the week and maybe rest a bit while Sawyer is sleeping... right after my little rant.... feel free to skip it...

On my Soapbox
A random rant. I was out with friends this weekend and they started complaining about people smoking outside. (We were outside waiting for a shuttle) I told them it didn't bother me. They asked if I was for smoking. Here is how I feel: I don't care. It is their life, they are doing something that is their choice, I wouldn't do it and I think it is dumb, but I am for FREEDOM. If you don't like it, go inside! It isn't a big deal. I just get crazy when people want to tell others what to do. If what I'm doing is legal, LEAVE ME THE F*&# ALONE. Remove yourself from the situation if it is one you are uncomfortable with. I guess I am just super sensitive to the topic because of all the nursing in public things in the news lately. I found a website with some awesome pro-breastfreeding shirts that I loved... I plan on ordering some for both Sawyer and myself. There are baby shirts that say "if you are uncomfortable with me eating, put a blanket over your head" HA! Yes. Do that. Because my baby is fine. There was a shirt I wanted to get for Sawyer that says, "Weaning is for quitters". And my favorite (that I won't order, because it is a bit obscene, but I like the sentiment) "If breastfeeding is sexual, then bottles are dildos" Too funny. Alright, off my box now. As long as you don't step on my toes. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In circles

RIght Around, Baby
Can you believe I didn't have a section for spinning? Crazy talk. Anyway, I broke out my spinning wheel today for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was so relaxing. I needed it. Yesterday I was grumpy because everything I was knitting/had knitted recently was crap. (Not really, but it felt like it) SO with nothing I wanted to work on on my needles, I needed to do something tonight. So I dug around in my vast fiber stash and pulled out some batts I have had lingering since the summer. They are from craftypuppylover and I have 6 mini batts that make up the colors of the rainbow. I'm spinning them each as a separate yarn (because my bobbin won't hold them all) and then I might weave them into a scarf with a white warp. We will see, but that sounds like an awesome plan. :)

Sawyer, Weston, and I went to the museum yesterday. It was great fun. We bought a pass so that I can take him whenever I want, which is awesome. He loves the kid area. So much that when we tried to put on his coat, he threw an EPIC fit. There is just so much to do there. There is even an area designed for kids under 5. He just loves to run around.... It is getting harder and harder to keep up with him as he gets older. 

On Pins and Needles
I am almost done sewing a stuffed train set for Sawyer. This has been a lingering project since I was pregnant. Weston was hoping I would have it done before the baby was born, then I was hoping to have it done for Sawyer's birthday, then Christmas.... now I just need it to be out of my face. I really am trying to finish things I have started and work through my stash because I am at max capacity. I am a bit overwhelmed and going crazy with all my WIPs.  I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I put the binding on a quilt a week and a half ago... it felt wonderful to have the quilt done! (And even more wonderful to gift it to a very deserving friend) I need that feeling more often! Sawyer actually likes sitting in my lap and sewing, so sometimes I can get a bit done while he is up. Sometimes he starts pushing buttons, and that is when it is time to move on to another activity....

Sticks and String
Everything I have started is a PITA. Here is why.... I have one mitten of a pair finished (my squirrel mittens) but I wasn't overly happy with the puckering in the color work. I decided to block it before making a final decision on what to do, and blocking still didn't make me happy. It wasn't really puckering anymore, but I just was over it. I didn't want to knit the other mitten. I wanted different mittens. So, I am going to rip it out. I just finished knitting Josh's hat, which is great! BUT, it is too small. BLERG. I mentioned that the way the gage was listed was not normal, and made it hard to knit a swatch... so I skipped that part. I think I should have used thicker yarn and bigger needles, but oh well. Live and learn. I still have a beautiful hat that is finished.... other projects I have lingering.... the baby bundle blanket (that was supposed to be for Sawyer.....) needs about 10 million stitches picked up for the button band and then I will be finished... but that doesn't sound fun.  I have a hat that I started, but it is double knitting, which I never really got the hang of, so I have to pay really close attention.... I also have a sweater for Sawyer that just needs sleeves. Probably should finish that. But they are knit flat and then seamed. Boo. I started a pair of handspun mittens yesterday during nap time, but it was clear early on they were going to be too small, so I ripped them out. Which is when I had a break down about having nothing to knit and all my knitting being crap. Maybe tomorrow I will start something new. And knit a gage swatch first. Who knows. 

Until then, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Please think sleepy thoughts for Sawyer, as he is teething like crazy and having the worst time sleeping. We all need a good night of rest....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moose on the loose!

Yesterday we had two moose in the front yard! I just love seeing moose. Although, I need to remember to check for them, as I don't really want to open my door to find one on the porch! With all the snow, they are probably having a bit of a harder time this winter than normal. I wonder if animals think about that stuff... do they all meet at some tree and complain about the weather?! I guess we will never know....

Sawyer and I went to the zoo today. It was nice out (around freezing, so a nice change to the -10 we have been having) and we had a wonderful time. A lot of the animals were out. Sawyer loves to look at birds, and the tigers were cool, but his favorite animal today was the seal.  One of the seals was "playing" with Sawyer.  He would swim with us when we would walk back and forth.  He would press up against the glass when we would stop. It was very fun.  Sawyer was loving it. I can't wait to get the boots I ordered him so I can let him run around outside! His normal shoes just aren't warm enough for me to let him do that right now. I even splurged and ordered him some new mittens so he doesn't have to wear socks on his hands anymore.... this baby is moving up in the world!

In the Kitchen
Weston and I went out to dinner tonight (all by ourselves!) to Kinley's.  We had never been, but had a gift certificate, and it was wonderful.  We had a really nice time, the food was great, and they have a wonderful beer selection.  The service was really good (and I don't even feel like that was because we knew our server :) ), it was a really nice night. Tomorrow I have another cooking class, about pasta and sauces.  I'm looking forward to that as Sawyer loves to eat pasta.... so it will be nice to have a few more sauce recipes up my sleeve.

Alright, that is all that is going on here. Still knitting away on Josh's hat. Off to go work on that now. Somehow his birthday is sneaking up on me....

Friday, January 6, 2012

Adventures in the Bathroom

So I have been reading the book "Diaper-Free Before 3" and have decided to get Sawyer a potty chair.  After spending two weeks basically naked in the house (due to a nasty rash after Thanksgiving) he is pretty aware of his bodily functions, so I have decided to take advantage of that. Hopefully. Today we practiced sitting on it. He kind of liked it... I sang wheels on the bus while he sat there, which he liked. I think this is going to take some practice. It will for sure be easier in the summer when I won't feel like he is going to freeze to death in only underwear in a shirt. He never seems to be bothered by his lack of clothing and often fights getting dressed, so maybe he is fine.... ?? I am going to attempt to sew him some little trainer undies.... more on that in the sewing section....

On Pins and Needles
Sewing Sawyer's undies is going to be my first adventure in sewing with knits. I have had some knit fabric sitting around for quite a while that I was going to make a hoodie for Sawyer with.... since that hasn't happened, my plan is to try and make training pants for him. He has started to not enjoy his bulky diapers, so my hope is that with the training pants and sitting him on the potty will be enough for being at home. I have a cute dalmatian print with firetrucks and a solid red to go with it... hopefully they will turn out ok!

Sticks and String
I have been knitting Josh's hat! I was a little worried about how it looked (the pattern doesn't give you a way to really knit a gage swatch... the gage is measured between cables... so I guess you can measure it only once you start your hat. Don't really care for that, but just decided to go with the needles it calls for and wing it)... I thought it was a little loose... then I re-read the pattern only to see the needles I was using was too big. Doh. At least I was only 5 rows into the cable pattern.  So, I ripped back, and started over. I am now past that point and it is looking awesome.

In other random news, I bought a few new articles of clothing today. My parents gave me some money for Christmas to buy new clothes (I have t-shirts and one pair of jeans that fits) so I went to a local consignment shop today and picked up two fancy silk tank tops and a black cardigan type top that I can wear over them. I now have clothes that look nice to wear when we go out with friends, which is nice. Pretty excited about that!

Alright, first post with the new headings. Hope you like it. :D Have a great weekend....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Titles and Lists

In an effort to find more things to blog about, keep myself organized, and be less stressed, I'm going to go with the podcast style blogging. Plus, now you can easily search for things that interest you. Like, if you read my blog only to hear about what I knit, just scan for the knitting title and BAM! read away....

Here are some titles to look for in the future...

Mini-Me: Stories about Sawyer. 

In the Kitchen: What I've been cooking or eating. Hopefully with links to the recipes.

On Pins and Needles: Sewing stories

Sticks and String: Knitting (and maybe crochet...)

On my Soapbox: Ranting. Which I seem to be doing a lot lately. 

Ramblings: Things that don't fit anywhere else

I'm not super attached to the kitchen title, so if you have a better suggestion, let me know! I hope this keeps me blogging more and keeps you reading what you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dinner Planning Week 1

We went grocery shopping yesterday to get everything I needed for dinner all week.  My hope is that if I can go to the store once a week, with a plan, that I will make fewer trips, and therefore spend less money. Dinner last night was a old favorite... stuffed peppers. Yum! Tonight we will have leftover goat roast and homemade mac and cheese....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

And another year is here... 2012... possibly the year the world ends.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We set off a few fireworks, which Sawyer did not care for (odd, as last year he loved them) and were in bed by 10. Sawyer slept all night (through the fireworks and crazy dogs) and decided to sleep in until 6:45! A great way to start the year.

Now that the new year is here, I can reveal my theme for 2012 (straight out of the Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls playbook).... Sally 2012 is going to be "selfish"... now hear me out. This isn't what it sounds like. When I think of myself being selfish, I think of using my time more wisely, so that I can be a happier, healthier person. I am going to stop overcommitting myself to things so I don't feel as stressed. I'm going to start what I finish (maybe....), again, to lower my stress levels. I'm going to ask for help and ask for what I need. I'm going to knit and sew things I want to knit and sew (which is often for other people anyway, so it is both selfish and selfless) and spend my time doing what I want to do.

I started yesterday by spending the whole day at home, in my pjs, with Sawyer. It was great. We napped, hung out, read books, stacked things. He stayed in his pjs too.... it was -7, we weren't going anywhere. Today I am going to go to the quilt store (alone) to get fabric to bind a quilt. I also plan on grocery shopping for the week after making a meal plan.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year! And, check back to see how selfish I have been. :)