Sunday, January 15, 2012

In circles

RIght Around, Baby
Can you believe I didn't have a section for spinning? Crazy talk. Anyway, I broke out my spinning wheel today for the first time in a couple of weeks. It was so relaxing. I needed it. Yesterday I was grumpy because everything I was knitting/had knitted recently was crap. (Not really, but it felt like it) SO with nothing I wanted to work on on my needles, I needed to do something tonight. So I dug around in my vast fiber stash and pulled out some batts I have had lingering since the summer. They are from craftypuppylover and I have 6 mini batts that make up the colors of the rainbow. I'm spinning them each as a separate yarn (because my bobbin won't hold them all) and then I might weave them into a scarf with a white warp. We will see, but that sounds like an awesome plan. :)

Sawyer, Weston, and I went to the museum yesterday. It was great fun. We bought a pass so that I can take him whenever I want, which is awesome. He loves the kid area. So much that when we tried to put on his coat, he threw an EPIC fit. There is just so much to do there. There is even an area designed for kids under 5. He just loves to run around.... It is getting harder and harder to keep up with him as he gets older. 

On Pins and Needles
I am almost done sewing a stuffed train set for Sawyer. This has been a lingering project since I was pregnant. Weston was hoping I would have it done before the baby was born, then I was hoping to have it done for Sawyer's birthday, then Christmas.... now I just need it to be out of my face. I really am trying to finish things I have started and work through my stash because I am at max capacity. I am a bit overwhelmed and going crazy with all my WIPs.  I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I put the binding on a quilt a week and a half ago... it felt wonderful to have the quilt done! (And even more wonderful to gift it to a very deserving friend) I need that feeling more often! Sawyer actually likes sitting in my lap and sewing, so sometimes I can get a bit done while he is up. Sometimes he starts pushing buttons, and that is when it is time to move on to another activity....

Sticks and String
Everything I have started is a PITA. Here is why.... I have one mitten of a pair finished (my squirrel mittens) but I wasn't overly happy with the puckering in the color work. I decided to block it before making a final decision on what to do, and blocking still didn't make me happy. It wasn't really puckering anymore, but I just was over it. I didn't want to knit the other mitten. I wanted different mittens. So, I am going to rip it out. I just finished knitting Josh's hat, which is great! BUT, it is too small. BLERG. I mentioned that the way the gage was listed was not normal, and made it hard to knit a swatch... so I skipped that part. I think I should have used thicker yarn and bigger needles, but oh well. Live and learn. I still have a beautiful hat that is finished.... other projects I have lingering.... the baby bundle blanket (that was supposed to be for Sawyer.....) needs about 10 million stitches picked up for the button band and then I will be finished... but that doesn't sound fun.  I have a hat that I started, but it is double knitting, which I never really got the hang of, so I have to pay really close attention.... I also have a sweater for Sawyer that just needs sleeves. Probably should finish that. But they are knit flat and then seamed. Boo. I started a pair of handspun mittens yesterday during nap time, but it was clear early on they were going to be too small, so I ripped them out. Which is when I had a break down about having nothing to knit and all my knitting being crap. Maybe tomorrow I will start something new. And knit a gage swatch first. Who knows. 

Until then, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Please think sleepy thoughts for Sawyer, as he is teething like crazy and having the worst time sleeping. We all need a good night of rest....

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