Monday, May 30, 2016

Blankets galore

So I am not sure what is going on, but I have been finishing things like crazy. Not things that should be finished (like Weston's Gansey...) but really simple things. I don't seem to have the brain space to finish the math for the Gansey. Some part of it is knit flat and I know my gage is a lot different than in the round. Plus the gage I am knitting at now is different than I had originally calculated for the pattern so I am a bit befuddled at where I should go from here. But, I do seem to be able to keep knitting and making progress on simple projects.

The only knitted FO I have to share right now is a blanket I knit for tater tot. It is the zagaround blanket by Kate Oates and it was such a fun knit! The texture is squishy and reversible...I love it.

The other blankets I have finished are quilts. I was able to get the borders on two tops and the binding on a little baby quilt for my niece. 

This is the little quilt I made for my niece.  It is so cute! I love the fabrics I chose, girlie without being pink. I hope it is useful for the little one. 

This quilt top is one I made for Lucy. She chose the fabrics from my stash and I love how it turned out. It is the perfect little girl quilt and it should be a great bed sized quilt for her. 

This one I made just to use the fabric...I had it in my stash for years and I am happy to see it all grown up into a quilt. I am not sure what the plan is when I get it quilted, but I really like how it turned out.

I am going to finish a little rainbow hat for Lucy tonight. I have already cast on one in a different color way for my niece. The hat is a simple pattern which has made for great park and t-ball knitting. It is Charlie's sock yarn hat and it is a great knit. I love the double brim which keeps ears nice and warm. 

Alright, off to kitchner the top of the hat! Happy knitting!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


The weather the past week has been amazing.  It was actually hot outside a few days this week (seriously, close to 70F, which for me is HOT!) which was crazy.  The kids and I have been spending as much time as possible outside at the park.  I have been trying to knit, but sometimes it is too hot for me to be holding wool (I just can't  I feel like I have been doing a lot of knitting, but don't have any FOs to show for it. I started a blanket for tater tot.  I have had the yarn for this blanket for about two years, so I am glad to finally get started on it! I am loving the knitting on is the zagaround blanket by Kate Oates.  It is a simple pattern that makes a squishy, reversible blanket.

The blanket is a bit bigger than the picture and the color runs are getting a lot shorter.  I knew that would happen, since the blanket is knit from the center out. I wanted a rainbow blanket though, and this will surely fit the bill!

I do have one FO that I am very happy with.  Sawyer's tiger is all finished.  He loves it. He sewed the cape for it (mostly alone, I sat next to him and let him know when to start/stop stitching) and he was so proud! I am very happy with the finish work. I had to sew the face on three different times before I was happy with it, but it was worth it.  And the nose/mouth turned out great too, in my opinion. Finishing is not my forte, so I was pretty proud of myself for taking my time and really making it look how I wanted it to.

I have been dreaming of a lot of knitting... I really want to cast on ALL the little sweaters. I have yarn to knit prairie fire for tater tot which I hope to cast on soon.  I also am hoping to knit the camilla babe sweater.  I went to my LYS yesterday to try and pick out yarn, but they didn't have the exact color I wanted, so I am going to dig through my stash and see if I have anything that will work.  And, no, we don't know if tater tot is a boy or a girl, but I love these sweaters and babies are sweet and little and can wear whatever they want. 

I also have a skein of yarn that I bought while in Washington that I want to knit a new hat for myself out of.  I think I have finally found the pattern I am going to use... the for good hat is simple enough to show off the yarn, but interesting enough to keep me knitting.  Plus, it has a placket to show off some fun buttons, which will be a fun touch. 

Alright, off to keep knitting and enjoying the sun!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Crazy month

It's May. How did that happen?? It has been a crazy month.  I was busy sewing, knitting, and getting ready for a trip to Anchorage. It was really great to be back in town, see some friends, and spend time with my family.  I also got a lot of knitting done!

I finished this handspun sweater for tater tot before I left.  I love it! I have had this handspun for a long time.  I bought it from a friend and love the colors.  I tried to knit it into a vest when I was pregnant with Lucy, but it wasn't the right combination of yarn and pattern so it got ripped out.  I was excited to find something that would work for the yarn! And it will be the perfect little sweater for this new fall baby. 

I used the left overs to make this little bonnet to go with the hat! I still have a skein of the rust color, so I am trying to decide if I want to make a pair of pants or another little sweater. I'll probably go with a sweater as I don't think I will be very likely to put knit pants on the baby. 

I got a TON of work finished on Lucy's dress. I just have to pick up and knit the facings for the armholes and the neckline.  I feel like the arm holes are a bit big, but hopefully with the facings it fits ok. 

I have also made a lot of progress on Sawyer's tiger. I now only have to sew on the face and knit the mask! I decided we are going to sew the cape instead of knitting it for various is that Sawyer can help me sew it which I think will be great. I promised him it would be finished for show and tell next week, so I need to get cracking!

Hopefully I can keep this momentum going and get a lot more knitting done in the coming months. I should also have some quilts to share next time as I got the fabric to put borders on two tops that I have finished. Lots of finishing!!