Monday, February 25, 2013

A snapshot

There aren't too man days left in February....I might be able to finish Sawyer's second mitten if the kids cooperate and I skip napping all week.... They are going to be a matching pair of raccoons. Sawyer apparently isn't a fan of mis-matched items, as we found out yesterday when trying to put on socks that didn't match.

Anyway, I was trying to take a picture of the kids and myself yesterday....and this is what happened. I feel like it captured the true nature of how my days go....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fur Rondy fun!

I love Fur Rondy! It is so fun and there is so much to do.... We have an action packed weekend ahead of us. This morning I took the kids to meet some of the Fur Rondy mushers and their dogs and Sawyer loved it. One of the mushers (from NY!) had a small kids sled and hooked a dog up to pull Sawyer around. I think that is his preferred mode of transportation now. This weekend we plan on going to the pioneer pancake breakfast, the parade, the fur auction, and ice bowling. We also plan on going to see the snow sculptures and the model train exhibit sometime. And we are hoping to catch Zoo Lights this time around. There is a good amount of snow on the ground now, so it will be really pretty. Oh, and the dog races! So much to do!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Apple Crisp and Mittens

This week I discovered apple's like apple pie but without all the fussy work of making a crust! Amazing. Sawyer and I made one together on Monday and it was gone by the end of the day..... then I made one on Thursday for Branda's birthday.... and it was gone by the end on the night. I'm making one now, and even though it is just Lucy and I at home right now, there is a good chance it will be gone pretty quickly! Sawyer loves helping me cook, and we are working our way through a book called Alpha-Bakery. It is put out by Gold Medal Flour and is one that Weston had when he was a kid. The recipes are simple and delicious. The only problem with that is they are too quick to make.... if I'm working alone, getting an apple crisp ready for the oven takes about 10 mins. Dangerous.

I've been working hard on Sawyer's mittens. I'm going to finish the one I'm working on and reevaluate. I want to line them, as there are rather long floats, so I want to make sure they will fit. I'm about 10 rows from finishing the first one...if I still like it when I'm done I'll have to decide if I want to make another raccoon or a beaver.

I do need to start a simpler project that I can work on during the day or while in the car, as I can't always read a chart.... maybe I'll do some Rav pattern searching today and figure that out.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A rattle and plans

I knit Lucy this fun mushroom rattle this weekend. I had some handspun at I wanted to use to make her something, and this was quick and easy. She loves it. It has a bell in the top and some crinkle stuff in the stem. It is easy for her to grab and shove in her mouth....and the top kind of looks like a boob! Lol

My next knit will be mittens for Sawyer. I have to go buy some black yarn to go with the blue I have already. I was going to use white, but I think the black will look better and it won't get dirty as easily, which is probably a good thing with mittens. I might try and get the yarn today if I'm super adventurous and decide to try and take both kids to the store....or I might just wait until I'm at the shop on Wednesday to teach....

We are going to hopefully make it to the zoo today. It's pretty warm out and I think it will be fun! Sawyer has been watching Monty the Moose this morning and making all the noises for the animals....he is so funny!