Friday, November 30, 2012


Random Chatter
My Dad got me an iPad for Christmas, so I am back to being able to blog.... (I know you are thinking, but it's not Christmas yet... well, you are correct, but my parents get very excited about gifts and normally just have them mailed to my house and tell me what they are before they are even here so I can "be on the lookout")

Some random things I've been up to. Yesterday I made homemade hot coco mix and peppermint schnapps to gift to a few people along with a nice mug. I'm pretty excited about that! It was easy and it is delicious!

I also finished my handspun scarf. (Which I may have already brain attack) I really like it, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I don't need it.....

I'm currently knitting my class samples, which include a hat and some colorwork coffee cozies. The cozies are CUTE! The one I'm working on right now has birds on it and I'm loving it. The next one will probably be snowflakes or a geometric pattern....

Alright, off to get the kiddos ready to leave the house. It has been pretty cold here (the highest I've seen in the past couple of weeks is 9F) so we have to bundle up quite a bit!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Our computer is broken and blogging from my phone is a pain, so it may be quite a bit less frequent for a while. Things are going well here.  Knitting away on various projects. Weston is deer hunting this week. Hopefully he gets at least one deer. Other than that, things are quiet. I'll try to update when I finish things at least. My handspun scarf is almost done! It was a fun and quick knit.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nailing It

Random Chatter
This week I have been feeling pretty awesome about my SAHM skills... Monday I made spaghetti for dinner (homemade sauce with caribou meat as well as homemade bread!) and Sawyer, Lucy, and I all had a great day. I was even able to get the laundry done and wash the sheets. BAM! Nailing it. Today I have felt super on top of it today... I have a goat roast in the crock pot and I've made bread... Sawyer, Lucy, and I had a wonderful morning (including a glowstick dance party in Sawyer's room). Maybe the key is to make bread?

Sticks and String
I am still working on Sawyer's sweater, which has become a winter/spring sweater instead of a birthday sweater since that has come and gone.... he has sadly outgrown his winter sweater from last year, even though he has insisted on wearing it every time we have left the house this week. I am also probably going to cast on a super simple handspun scarf because I need something that is more mindless to work on during the day.

That's really it... just a quick check in to say that homemade bread might be the answer to the your problems... :)