Tuesday, November 28, 2017

So many projects....

I have completed more than 17 knitting projects this year!! I am really happy about that. I am really hoping to get Sawyer's sweater off the needles before the end of the year. Here are a few I have finished up the last few months.

This is Smalltimore, a fun cowl/shawl for Lucy.  She loves it and it covers her shoulders if she gets colder. 

This is the huggable Christmas tree that I made for the kids. With Dorothy the age she is, it just wasn't feasible to have a tree in the house this year so this was my solution. The kids have really been enjoying carrying it around. I put a rice bag as a weight in the bottom just so it would stay up.  I am really happy with this project. 

There are clearly a lot more projects that have been finished, but those will wait.  This morning I started a hat for Lucy and I have the yarn wound and ready for a bonnet for Dorothy.  I also recently fell down hard at the Knit Picks sale and might have enough yarn to knit multiple sweaters for each kid....it is too bad I am not an octopus, because I need to knit like the wind to keep up.