Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

I hope everyone had a happy holiday yesterday.... us, we had a good time! We celebrate Chris-ma-kah, so most of celebrating was already over by yesterday. I broke tradition and bought Weston a gift (we normally don't get each other anything, just buy something fun for the house... this year it happened to be a washer and dryer... not really "fun" but necessary) which I think I already talked about. I bought it on Black Friday... so he has had it since then. It was a super big Craftsman tool chest for his shed. He loves it.

Yesterday morning while hanging out with the in-laws waiting for breakfast to cook, W brought Sawyer to me. He had something hard in his sleeper, so I unsnapped it to find a gift card to the pilates studio by our house! It said To: Mommy Love: Sawyer.... he is such a thoughtful baby! He knew that I wanted to take a class there, and now I can!! Later that night, when we were back at home, I went to change Sawyer into his party clothes (one last party last night!) and I found two super nice bottles of wine (that are for ME and apparently not really to be shared) and a gift card for a massage. Awesome! I was blown away, especially since we don't get gifts for each other!! W said he wanted to get me something nice since I have been doing such a good job of taking care of Sawyer. Awww.... My husband is pretty amazing.

Sawyer got some new clothes from his aunt and a set of soft blocks from grandma. I made him two (one more is on the way....) fabric books. One is the Poky Little Puppy and the other is the Saggy Baggy Elephant. He was hanging out with me when I made the elephant book and was really getting a kick out of all the different steps that I would show him. It was really fun. The last book that I have to finish is a counting book with pirate bears. I think he will really like that one as well since he seems to have a thing for bears...

I was able to get a good amount of knitting done yesterday, which was a gift in itself!! I am down to the last 12 rows of the second sleeve of Sawyer's sweater. I'm hoping that he can wear it as a jacket in the spring and fall. I need to get cracking on it!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the spirit...

When I went to Sock Summit 2009 (and yes, I am going in 2011... my hotel is already booked and I have crazy amounts of yarn money squirreled away...) I got to meet the Knitmore Girls.  At that time, I did not listen to podcasts. I was still quite taken with them, and did manage to listen to a few episodes later that summer. When I was on bedrest this past summer, ALL I did was listen to podcasts. I didn't ever move the TV into my bedroom, so that was my only means of entertainment. So I started at the beginning, and listened to every Knitmore Girls podcast there was.... all 100+ of them. :) Needless to say, I enjoy the podcast. And, in the spirit of the Knitmore Girls, I would like to describe what Sally 2011 is going to be like....

Sally 2011 is going to be a finisher. I am tired of having things almost done. I need to buckle down and do them! When I was going through cleaning my craft room I found the supplies for at least 50 projects. That is crazy. I am going to finish a few of them!

Sally 2011 is going to get dressed every day. Now I know this sounds like a small thing, but some days I don't make it out of my pj's. And, yes, I have a small baby... but seriously, the change it makes in my attitude to put on REAL clothes is amazing. So, that is the plan. Get dressed every day.

Sally 2011 is going to continue to de-stash. This coincides with the finishing. I'm hoping to not bring very much (if anything) INTO my sewing room (Sock Summit is an exception. I am allowed to do what I want there, but if the past few months have shown me anything, it is that I can resist temptation. I haven't been buying too much for a while now, since I wasn't working... and I don't really miss it) and I'm hoping that a lot of things LEAVE my sewing room, either as FO or to find new homes where they can be used.

I think that is all that I can really commit to openly. There may be things added along the way (like, I really would like to not wear pants that often, but that requires me buying more skirts, so I need to save some $$) but I know I can do those three things starting now. I was telling Weston about Sally 2011, and he was pretty excited. He wanted me to commit to always cleaning up after myself, and I said I didn't think I could do that. He thought that was part of finishing things... like if I start a project and need to use the ironing board, the project isn't finished until the ironing board is put away. I looked at him for a while and then decided to ignore the comment and continue to talk about how excited I was for my new ideas. Maybe I will try his way of "finishing".... but, baby steps.... baby steps...

OH! And a quick Sawyer update. At his two month checkup, he weighed 13lbs and had grown 2inches since he was born. Crazy. He was a bit heavier and taller than average, which I expected, since I do carry him around quite often. He also got his first round of shots... it was quite traumatic for him, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by it today, which is good! Off to shower and get dressed!! GO me!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can't eat just one

I have a problem. I am addicted to chips. Seriously. If there are chips in the house, I will eat them non stop. And, normally we don't HAVE chips because they are crazy expensive, but recently, Safeway released their own brand of chips. They are a decent price, delicious, and they have a ZIP TOP bag. Seriously, why had no one done this before?? It is ingenious! I love it. Of course, chips don't last long enough in the house to get stale, but STILL, amazing.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. We are heading to our last Christmas party tonight.... (I think we have had 4 to go to as a family, and I have had 2 two of my own, and Weston one of his own...) I'm pretty excited for this one. We play this dumb dice game where you get to steal presents. They are all pretty inexpensive things (I'm bringing some dog treats, an extension cord (who doesn't need that!) and some candy) but it is SUPER fun!

Sawyer is still doing well. Growing like a weed. I'm hoping he still fits into his Christmas clothes next weekend! We have his 2 month check up on Tuesday. I'm very interested to see how much he weighs.

Alright, there is a bag of chips calling my name... that and a fussy baby. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back to work...

I returned to work this week at the Quilt Tree.  I do have a new job there though, I am now working in the back doing all the receiving and inventory tracking. It's a part time job (24 hrs/week) and so far I am loving it.  Monday I learned how to reconcile the tills, yesterday was a freight day so I was able to learn how to receive shipments. I've been learning a lot, making mistakes along the way, but I have been able to figure out how to fix them and that has been rewarding. Sawyer has been doing well at home, I think he saves being fussy for me. We are getting better at calming him down though...

Other than that, not much going on. Still trying to finish up some knitting projects. It is hard to knit with a fussy newborn though. He flails about and I don't want to stab him with my needles... that would surely put me in the running for worst mom. :)

We have our Christmas lights up and my house looks like a little gingerbread house. I love driving up and seeing it!! It is so cute! We are hoping to get our tree this weekend. The nursery is just up the street from our house, so we will be walking there and dragging the tree back in a sled. Much easier than getting Sawyer in and out of his car seat.

Today is my day off at work, so Sawyer and I are going to go check out the new eco-friendly toy store in town. I don't know how excited he is, but I am looking forward to it. He typically falls asleep in the car, so he probably doesn't really care where we go.... I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!!

Sawyer has been good.... have you?!?