Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor Day

Sticks and String
Baby's coming home outfit still needs one sleeve... Weston told me to slow down because he thinks the second it is done, Baby will come. He is so funny. Anyway, I'll probably work on that today... Sawyer and I did go pick out buttons for the outfit yesterday and I think they will look really nice. After I finish up that sleeve I might give in and start something new...

Mini Me
I can't remember if I listed all the new things Sawyer has learned lately... so, if I did, sorry. Blame my pregnant brain. He has learned to jump, walk backwards, spin in circles, and open the sliding glass door. It is so funny to watch him jumping... toddlers are hilarious!

In the Kitchen
This weekend my plan is to do a lot of cooking and put it in the freezer so we will have food for after Baby arrives. I know that I won't be in the mood to cook, and this way if Weston isn't either, we won't starve!  I'm not really looking forward to cooking, but I am excited to have it all done! And, really it shouldn't take me too long as I'll be making simple dishes (chili, tacos, biscuits)...

There are some bets of when Baby will be making an appearance. Some people are thinking it will be this weekend as it is LABOR day. Ha ha. :P We will see.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Watch 2012

Sticks and String
Baby's coming home outfit needs arms and a button band... that will easily be done this weekend. I've also been making good progress on a hat for Weston. I'm still tempted to cast on something new.... but, I'm resisting. Maybe once I finish at least one thing.... maybe.....

Mini Me
Speaking of Baby, I will be 37 weeks on Tuesday. That means that I will be "full-term" enough to deliver at the birth center. I have a window of 37-42 weeks to deliver there.... Sawyer was born at 39 weeks, so we will see when Baby decides to make an appearance.

Alright, off to nap and knit....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lead me not...

Sticks and String
Into temptation... oh, Twist collective... how I love you. And how you tempt me with your matching kid and adult owl mittens... BUT, I must be strong. I have too many things on the needles (one of which is Baby's coming home outfit and really does need to get finished) and I can should not start something new. Winter is coming. Sawyer and I would really rock matching mittens. I already have yarn in my stash. Oh, me and my wondering eyes.

Sawyer has been rocking the potty training like a champ. I never push him to do anything, but he has decided when we are home, he doesn't want to wear diapers and he has only had two? accidents on the floor in weeks. CRAZY! I still put diapers on him for sleep and outings, but even while we are out, he has started to ask to use the potty. He still doesn't talk, but he's pretty awesome.

He also got to meet his Uncle Jeff for the first time this week. Jeff is in the Navy and showed up unexpectedly at my parent's house this week. Sawyer still isn't quite sure about him, but I think he warmed up to him after we all went to the zoo yesterday. I'll try to grab some pictures from my dad of all of us together.

Right Around, Baby
I can't remember if I mentioned this, but I did get my drum carder!! I went with a fine fancy kitty drum carder and love it!! It has been so much fun to play with! I have been carding up some fun batts... I think once I get a few more finished I'm going to put them up on Etsy, as I have enough other fiber I really want to spin, and clearing out the space + getting a tiny bit of cash is a bit more appealing to me at the moment.  It is so fun making them though!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Early Morning

I love Sawyer.

I'm not sure I will ever understand him...

And sometimes (like when he gets up at 4:57am) I'm not sure what to do with him...

That is all.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Crossing the Finish Line

Sticks and String
My first FO of the Ravellenic Games is off the needles! It's Sawyer's Conduit hat. The pattern is from Tot Toppers, one of my favorite designers. I'm casting on a matching one for Baby tonight...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Random Chatter
I have a lot of opinions that are very out of the norm... for example, I prefer the winter. *gasp* I know. I'm weird. I love layering up, getting to wear (or have Sawyer wear, more likely) some knitted objects... playing in the snow. Love that. The past week we have had some days that are above 70F and it was KILLING me. And, yes, you could claim that it was because I was pregnant, but I know that I would be miserable no matter what. I'm not made for the heat since I've lived up here for so long and would much prefer a nice 60 degree day over 70+.  Remember when Weston and I went on our weekend vacation to Valdez? A place with even more snow? Or what about when we went on vacation in January a few years back to a ski resort in CO? Yes, we are winter people.

Another rant I'd like to share has to do with knitting... I teach knitting, love knitting, and am around knitters a lot. I always find it interesting when I encounter knitters who refuse to pay for patterns.  I typically pay around $5-$6 for a pattern.  Why? I believe in supporting knitters. I would not work for free, and I don't expect knit designers to either.  Even designing and writing a simple pattern is hard.  I have written a few patterns just to use in class and MAN it is tough. The last one I did had a math mistake in the very beginning which caused a lot of the pattern to be off by a few numbers... frustrating and embarrassing! There are a lot of costs that go into publishing a pattern... if the designer has it test knit and tech edited, those are both costs (even if the test knitters are free, they are losing the sale of that pattern), plus the cost of photography, the computer, etc. etc. I also feel like if one designer devalues or undervalues their work it makes it harder for those who are trying to make a living designing.  So, while I do understand that money is tight and free patterns are out there, I'm not one who refuses to pay for patterns.

Alright, off to knit... Sawyer's hat is close to done (less than 10 rows left on the cable chart) and then I will start on Baby's. I am on track to finish both during the Olympics, which is exciting!