Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lead me not...

Sticks and String
Into temptation... oh, Twist collective... how I love you. And how you tempt me with your matching kid and adult owl mittens... BUT, I must be strong. I have too many things on the needles (one of which is Baby's coming home outfit and really does need to get finished) and I can should not start something new. Winter is coming. Sawyer and I would really rock matching mittens. I already have yarn in my stash. Oh, me and my wondering eyes.

Sawyer has been rocking the potty training like a champ. I never push him to do anything, but he has decided when we are home, he doesn't want to wear diapers and he has only had two? accidents on the floor in weeks. CRAZY! I still put diapers on him for sleep and outings, but even while we are out, he has started to ask to use the potty. He still doesn't talk, but he's pretty awesome.

He also got to meet his Uncle Jeff for the first time this week. Jeff is in the Navy and showed up unexpectedly at my parent's house this week. Sawyer still isn't quite sure about him, but I think he warmed up to him after we all went to the zoo yesterday. I'll try to grab some pictures from my dad of all of us together.

Right Around, Baby
I can't remember if I mentioned this, but I did get my drum carder!! I went with a fine fancy kitty drum carder and love it!! It has been so much fun to play with! I have been carding up some fun batts... I think once I get a few more finished I'm going to put them up on Etsy, as I have enough other fiber I really want to spin, and clearing out the space + getting a tiny bit of cash is a bit more appealing to me at the moment.  It is so fun making them though!

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