Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Random Chatter
I have a lot of opinions that are very out of the norm... for example, I prefer the winter. *gasp* I know. I'm weird. I love layering up, getting to wear (or have Sawyer wear, more likely) some knitted objects... playing in the snow. Love that. The past week we have had some days that are above 70F and it was KILLING me. And, yes, you could claim that it was because I was pregnant, but I know that I would be miserable no matter what. I'm not made for the heat since I've lived up here for so long and would much prefer a nice 60 degree day over 70+.  Remember when Weston and I went on our weekend vacation to Valdez? A place with even more snow? Or what about when we went on vacation in January a few years back to a ski resort in CO? Yes, we are winter people.

Another rant I'd like to share has to do with knitting... I teach knitting, love knitting, and am around knitters a lot. I always find it interesting when I encounter knitters who refuse to pay for patterns.  I typically pay around $5-$6 for a pattern.  Why? I believe in supporting knitters. I would not work for free, and I don't expect knit designers to either.  Even designing and writing a simple pattern is hard.  I have written a few patterns just to use in class and MAN it is tough. The last one I did had a math mistake in the very beginning which caused a lot of the pattern to be off by a few numbers... frustrating and embarrassing! There are a lot of costs that go into publishing a pattern... if the designer has it test knit and tech edited, those are both costs (even if the test knitters are free, they are losing the sale of that pattern), plus the cost of photography, the computer, etc. etc. I also feel like if one designer devalues or undervalues their work it makes it harder for those who are trying to make a living designing.  So, while I do understand that money is tight and free patterns are out there, I'm not one who refuses to pay for patterns.

Alright, off to knit... Sawyer's hat is close to done (less than 10 rows left on the cable chart) and then I will start on Baby's. I am on track to finish both during the Olympics, which is exciting!

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