Tuesday, November 28, 2017

So many projects....

I have completed more than 17 knitting projects this year!! I am really happy about that. I am really hoping to get Sawyer's sweater off the needles before the end of the year. Here are a few I have finished up the last few months.

This is Smalltimore, a fun cowl/shawl for Lucy.  She loves it and it covers her shoulders if she gets colder. 

This is the huggable Christmas tree that I made for the kids. With Dorothy the age she is, it just wasn't feasible to have a tree in the house this year so this was my solution. The kids have really been enjoying carrying it around. I put a rice bag as a weight in the bottom just so it would stay up.  I am really happy with this project. 

There are clearly a lot more projects that have been finished, but those will wait.  This morning I started a hat for Lucy and I have the yarn wound and ready for a bonnet for Dorothy.  I also recently fell down hard at the Knit Picks sale and might have enough yarn to knit multiple sweaters for each kid....it is too bad I am not an octopus, because I need to knit like the wind to keep up.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Time marches on....

How did five months slip away?!? Finding time to get the computer out is still a challenge, but today the older kids started school so I will have my days filled with just one kiddo....

This crazy one.  I knit this for her last summer while I was pregnant and finally got the buttons on it.  And while I love it and the buttons are *perfect*, buttoning eight buttons on a wiggly child is quite the challenge! So it hasn't gotten as much wear as I would like.

I am still knitting.  I finished Lucy's super lion, a sweater for Dorothy, socks for both kids...among other things. I am still working on the Crazy Heart sweater for Sawyer.  I am almost finished with the second sleeve and then I will start the body.  He helped me design it and it will be quite the sweater when it is finished...which I am hoping will be soon.  I have plans to knit the girls coordinating sweaters, so I would like to get those started.  And I want to knit Dorothy a little sweater dress thing now that she is walking. So many projects. So little time....

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Still here...

I am still around. I am still knitting. Just also very busy taking care of the three kids.... finding time to hop on the computer is challenging.  I am also in a bit of a rut knitting wise.  I started a rainbow sweater for Sawyer, and despite the tell-tell signs that it would be too small, I kept going.  It was a very fun knit, and in the end it was too small..... BUT it became a rainbow sweater dress for Lucy! So, win?

She loves it, and I love it on her, but I was apparently pretty bothered by my gage issues.  I have since started another sweater for Sawyer (Crazyheart from the Heart on My Sleeve collection, I would link but I have to leave in three mins for school pickup!!) and I am again worried it is too small.  My gage is spot on (even after blocking) so I am hoping it is just because it is jammed on the needle.  I am knitting him the 8-10 year size, which should be plenty roomy for my skinny kiddo. Hopefully. I am half way through the first sleeve. I also need to get some baby things on the needles.  So many new babies are expected this fall!! Exciting! And Dorothy needs a new hat (well, maybe, really all I need to do is go through our hats and find one that fits her, but I like making new things for each kid as well as having them wear things they have all worn).... ANYWAY. Off to pick up Lucy from preschool. I hope to get back into the groove of blogging more...and knitting more...maybe life will settle down next month. HA!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

First FO of the year!

I will have to do my year end wrap up soon...I got a lot of knitting done last year! But today I wanted to share the first thing I have finished in 2017.  It is a vest that I knit with a skein of handspan yarn that was gifted to me by a lovely and dear friend.  I love knitting with handspan...it is lovely to work with.  The pattern is Milo, which is a great pattern. I love the construction of this vest, it is a simple and quick knit.

Monday, December 12, 2016

A little sweater

When I finished the hats for the kids I still had quite a bit of yarn left.  So, I decided little miss Dorothy needed a sweater for her first Christmas.  It will only fit for this month (as she is getting quite big!), but that is fine.  I love it (minus the mistake with the short rows...turns out reading isn't my strong suit when I am under stress) and she has been wearing it to all of the events around town.

I have also finished a scarf for Sawyer that just needs buttons (the scarf has a dog head on it, so it needs eyes and a nose) which I think he will love. I am hoping to finish Lucy's super lion in time for Christmas, but there are still a lot of little parts. We will see. 

The other sweater Dorothy has been wearing all winter is her "Rain or Shine" sweater that I test knit. It is a fun knit and my only regret is that the grey is not a super wash yarn...normally I wouldn't care about that but Dorothy loves to chew on things and she has actually felted the front of the sweater! Oh well, it is her sweater and she can chew it if she wants....

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Radio Silence

I am still here. A little baby has been taking up a lot of my time.  Dorothy showed up a month early with quite a lot of fanfare, but was perfectly healthy and wonderful.  She is a delightful baby and I am really enjoying spending my days with her.  I am still getting some knitting finished...not as much as I would like, but that is ok! My latest project was a set of matching Christmas hats for the kids.

And a little snapshot of the baby that has been getting most of my attention....

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Striped Mittens

And just like that, two pairs of mittens flew off of my needles....

I had the kids pick out the yarn for these and they are both very pleased with them.  I bought far too much yarn so I think they might be getting socks in their stockings or something.... 

I cast on a hat this morning for Josh...hopefully.  I'm playing yarn chicken (it is leftover yarn from another project) and I'm not sure it will be big enough, but hopefully it will all work out! If all else fails, the yarn is from my LYS and I am sure I can get my hands on more, but that will leave me with another almost full skein, so I am really hoping it doesn't come to that. 

Until next time, happy knitting!