Friday, June 10, 2016


Apparently I am going through knitting spurts....the past couple of weeks it has been hats. So many hats! I finished a hat for Lucy, one for my niece, and one for myself (!).  Plus, I have a number of little preemie hats on the needles! I have just been knitting these at the park and keeping a bag of them to donate to a hospital my friend is a nurse at.  They are so little and satisfying. The pattern I have been using is the Scrappy Sock Yarn Preemie Hat by Greg Cohoon.  He is one half of the podcasting duo of the Unraveling with Greg and Joey podcast...if you haven't listened, hop on over to iTunes and download an episode!

The hats I knit for Lucy and my niece are both from the pattern I linked to last time, Charlie's sock yarn hat.  I knit them out of KnitPicks Felici yarn that I bought at Christmas. The colors are great and the yarn was very soft.

The hat I knit for myself is one that I am sure you have seen a million times.  It is a free pattern on Ravelry, the Baa-ble hat, and it is super cute. I ordered a kit for it and it just flew off my needles.  I think it would fit better if I knit it out of worsted weight yarn, and I am thinking of knitting a set of them for the kids (my flock...ha!). Either way, I love my hat and it will be perfect for the winter. 

I did finish one other project this week which I am very happy with...Lucy's dress! I was so happy to see it finished.  I started it last year, but it kept getting shoved to the back of my closet because it needed more attention than I could give to it while watching the kids.  All I had to do was pick up and knit the arm holes and collar. It took maybe an hour to finish and Lucy is in love with it. It fits her great and I just loved seeing her run around in it today.  I do wish it didn't have as much white at the top (as she is quite the messy child) but I guess it will have to do. 

Hopefully I can keep up this pace and continue to finish things! I cast on a little romper for tater tot today and I am trying to decide on a pattern for matching hats for all the kids.  I loved when Sawyer and Lucy had matching hats when she was born. Until next time...happy knitting!