Friday, April 8, 2016

April Showers

It has been a wet month so far! Which means there is a lot of time for me to be inside knitting. :) I am looking forward to warmer days knitting at the park with the kids, but I have gotten quite a bit done in the mean time. I finally finished Sawyer's Brochan sweater (designed by Kate Oates of Tot Toppers) and it is probably my favorite thing I have ever knit for him.  He looks pretty sharp in it!

I have started knitting a super hero tiger for Sawyer. I am to the top of the head, so I might be able to finish that up this weekend.  I am planning on sewing the cape instead of knitting it. It seems like an awful lot of knitting for a is done in garter stitch, and well, no. I can sew a cape in about an hour is Sawyer helps, so that is the plan.

Still plugging away at Weston's sweater. I am going to be getting to the patterning soon, which might make it less portable.  I am thinking that I might only do the pattern on the front of the sweater and leave the back plain, but I am not sure on that yet. I am crunched for time, but I do want to be happy with it when I am finished.  Weston wanted a simple sweater, so the patterning is pretty simple, but any time I have to think and look at a chart I will knit slower.

I did finish my secret swap knit and it is wonderful (if I do say so myself. ;) ).  I probably will knit myself one as it is quite wearable and warm, which are both things I could use. I will share pictures of it soon as I plan on getting it in the mail today.  I am hoping to cast on a little hand spun baby sweater this weekend. I need to get cracking with baby knitting!