Monday, December 12, 2016

A little sweater

When I finished the hats for the kids I still had quite a bit of yarn left.  So, I decided little miss Dorothy needed a sweater for her first Christmas.  It will only fit for this month (as she is getting quite big!), but that is fine.  I love it (minus the mistake with the short rows...turns out reading isn't my strong suit when I am under stress) and she has been wearing it to all of the events around town.

I have also finished a scarf for Sawyer that just needs buttons (the scarf has a dog head on it, so it needs eyes and a nose) which I think he will love. I am hoping to finish Lucy's super lion in time for Christmas, but there are still a lot of little parts. We will see. 

The other sweater Dorothy has been wearing all winter is her "Rain or Shine" sweater that I test knit. It is a fun knit and my only regret is that the grey is not a super wash yarn...normally I wouldn't care about that but Dorothy loves to chew on things and she has actually felted the front of the sweater! Oh well, it is her sweater and she can chew it if she wants....