Monday, May 20, 2013


The weather was gorgeous today. Sawyer and I walked to the park after his nap, with Lucy on my back. It was nice. I have been absent here lately. I am really annoyed with the blogger app and looking to move my blog somewhere else, but all these things take time, which I can not find enough of. Instead of blogging, I have been doing research on Montessori schools and how to do some Montessori-type lessons at home. Sawyer is much better behaved when we have things to do, so my plan is to try and add a bit more structure by having one or two planned activities for us to do after nap, or in place of an activity out of the house. I have also been doing a bit of knitting. And dealing with sick kids. Both kids decided to go and get ear infections on me.....that was rough. Lucy is still recovering, but seems to be a lot better than she was. Hopefully we can all stay healthy for a while. 

Alright, my goal tonight was to order prescription sunglasses since it is summer. Off to do that. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Better link

I hate the blogger app. I can't wait until I can save up for a new computer. Anyway, if you want to see my friend's giveaway here is a better link

Doll giveaway

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Today I accomplished a lot. I made chili, apple crisp, and even crescent rolls....all from scratch. The rolls aren't out of the oven yet, so the verdict is still out on if they are tasty, but I know from experience that everything else should be! Not only that I took Sawyer to the grocery store and kindergym this morning (and Lucy too....) all without any major fits! As if that wasn't enough, we all walked up to the nursery to pick out some flowers (for a soon to be revealed project). Tomorrow I will probably just sit around to make up for all of my antics today. 

Another thing I wanted to mention was that a friend of mine is having a giveaway on her blog ( 
and you should check it out. Sorry for the funky formatting, the blogger app did some updating and I can't figure out
things yet.....

She makes amazing dolls and is giving one away. 

Ok, off to get the house swept.