Monday, August 29, 2011

State Fair!

I love the fair. LOVE. Weston says that I have a strange affinity for the state fair... which is true. I look forward to it every year... as soon as the snow starts melting, I get excited for the end of summer and the FAIR!!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was excited to take my baby to the fair. And this year, I was able to do that! We went as a family on Friday, because it was kids day. I really wanted Sawyer to be in the diaper derby.... He decided to wait until the race was over to crawl, but it was still fun!

Sawyer loved walking around (he was in the backpack the whole time, strollers at busy events are not my cup of tea) and looking at everything. Especially the animals.

For a video of Sawyer in the diaper derby, and his take on the State Fair, check out his blog.

Quick run down.... Sawyer's sweater just needs sleeves, and I picked up the needles to finish it on Saturday. Of course, I've been spinning like crazy (who knows why... just what I feel like doing) so that has been hanging out on the counter teasing me. I haven't sewn anything lately. Although I have a lot to sew... I need to cut out patterns and fabric.... which is my least favorite thing to do. Maybe during morning nap time tomorrow.

Sawyer has decided to give up afternoon nap.  I can't remember the last time he took one... I know he hasn't done taken one in his crib since Thursday. We will see if tomorrow goes better. I don't mind him not sleeping if he is in a good mood, but when he gets cranky, I get SUPER cranky. 

Alright, off to spin more and then head to bed. Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby, you're a star!

Sawyer had a photo shoot today.... and not with me. My MIL has a friend who has a friend (confused yet?) who is part of a production company.  Anyway, they needed shots of a baby boy for a baby book of expressions. So, Sawyer was supposed to be super happy, asleep, and upset.  He had one expression for the entire photo shoot.... "uninterested".... so, I don't think that he will be in the book.


You are still a star to me, Sawyer.

In other news, my books from Amazon came today!!! I'm SO excited to try and make some cake pops... I kind of want to make ALL of them.  There are sheep, Easter eggs, bunnies, cows, ghosts, turkeys, owls, snowmen.... and the list goes on!  I just love them. I might run to the store tomorrow to try and get the supplies to try some out. If they are yummy, expect to find plenty of them in my house.... 

I am still knitting. I just have the ribbing on the birthday sweater, then it is on to the sleeves.  I have also finished one washcloth for a swap I am in... I'm going to try and knit a hat for the swap too... just have to find the pattern I want to use... it's for a little girl (the swap is in my mommy group on Rav, all babies were due in Oct 2010)! I'm so excited to knit/sew for a little girl! So fun. :)

And spinning.... I finished one skein of yarn the other night. It is drying and then I will take some glamour shots of it. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. 

And crafting.... I have started working on Sawyer's birthday invites. I am planning on sending something special to the family members, which I have made a mock up of and plan on assembling soon. I also hope to make a mock up of the invites for everyone else soon so that I can get started on those.  Hopefully by doing a little bit every day I will have them done in no time!

Alright, Sawyer is napping, I guess I should be productive....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dog Birthday

So I have been planning Sawyer's birthday.... yes, it is still 2 months away, but that isn't that long and I have a lot to do!! I have been looking up ideas online and found these cake pops that I am very excited about! I have also thought about getting a big box and decorating it to look like a dog house. Sawyer can play in it, and it will also become a place where we can put all the gifts. I'm also planning on serving food in dog dishes, making dog bone shaped cookies, and a giant dog paw cake.

All this dog planning has made me rethink his birthday sweater. I feel like it should be a dog sweater! Who knows. Obviously, I am going to finish this one, as I am almost done with the body and just have the sleeves left.... but.... maybe.... I might knit a dog one too. Crazy. I am for SURE going to knit him a dog toy. I have a pattern that should be quick and easy.

In other news, Sawyer and I went to story time at the zoo yesterday! We bought our zoo pass, which means we can go whenever we want (awesome) and his grandparents can take him for free as well (double awesome).  My friend and her two boys came, everyone was well behaved, and we had a great time! The stories were about wolves and then we got to go see the wolves and listen to the zookeeper tell us all about them. Sawyer really enjoyed it.  Mondays at the zoo are music and Wednesdays are story time, so I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of time there!

Alrighty, off to enjoy some quiet time while Sawyer is napping....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have a lot of books coming my way.... I got a little carried away on Amazon this week.

The Mason Dixon knitting books (bought used), The Wonder Weeks (a parenting book), The Baby Led Weaning book and cookbook and Cake Pops (WHAT?!? How cute are these?? I might be making about a million of them).

On top of this, I also bought two books at Title Wave today (I checked both the library and Title Wave for these books before ordering... I have about 5 books on hold at the library too.... I have a lot of reading to do!) one on baby sign (I might be giving in...) and another on babies brains. I also got Sawyer a Baby Einstein DVD to try out. He was kind of into it. He liked when the other babies were on the screen.  He even waved to one! That was exciting.

Hopefully they will all be on my doorstep soon and I can get through them quickly. And, hopefully there will be a lot of cake pops coming out of my kitchen! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinosaur sweater!

I am knitting a sweater for Sawyer for his birthday. I am further along now that I was in this picture, but I am loving it. I wasn't too sure about my color choices, but now that it is knit up, I think it is great. And, yes, I know Sawyer loves dogs, but I like dinosaurs and I still have some say in what he wears. I need to take advantage of that for as long as possible.

The sweater is from Tot Toppers, which is a favorite line of mine. Kate has a great aesthetic, and designs a lot with little boys in mind, as she has two adorable boys. 

And, if you notice my pictures looking better, it is because my amazing husband bought me a surprise present! A brand new, crazy nice camera! I am now the owner of a Canon Rebel Ti. I have been taking a TON of pictures (as in 450ish since Thursday) and playing with it. I still have everything set on auto, but plan on actually learning to use it with all the manual settings. I started reading the manual today, so hopefully I will be on my way to amazing pictures. Be sure to check out Sawyer's blog for great pictures of him! Obviously, most of my pictures of him.....

One other thing I am doing to learn new things is taking cooking classes! Josh mentioned wanting to do this, and it has been something I've been interested in doing for a while, so I am taking one with him.  It is all about how to cook chinese food! I'm really excited, as I like chinese food, but have no idea how to cook it.... I love learning new things!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Out of the Closet!


This is the whole closet. All of those pizza boxes are quilting projects in various steps of completion. 

Books! And all of my handspun yarn (not all spun by me)

The second shelf of yarn is yarn that I have projects picked out for and the third shelf is yarn that I don't know what I'm going to do with, but loved too much to destash. 

All of my fiber.... it is a bit out of control....

The bags hanging are knitting WIPs. I feel great about how organized this is, and how I can see everything I have. I have my fiber stash cataloged on Ravelry, so I can look at it without having to dig through everything. I need to do that with my yarn, but I can see all of it, so I don't feel rushed to do that. I need to get a small desk to sew on, the big table I am using is just too big for the space. Other than that, I'm pretty much done! Exciting!

Also, Sawyer is getting a tooth. Any day now. I felt it in his mouth and his gums look unhappy. BUT, he is in a good mood!! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guess who's swatching?

That's right, I finished all of my class samples, and I am swatching for Sawyer's birthday sweater!!! I need to measure and see if I can start, or if I have to knit another swatch (fingers crossed for starting!). I am EXCITED!

In other Sawyer news, we are on day three of getting him to nap in his crib. Day one (Friday) did not go well. He slept 30 mins each time, and it was terrible. Day two went better.... slept 40 mins in the morning and afternoon nap was 30 mins followed by 15 mins of being awake and another 30 mins of sleep! Progress. This morning, he slept for an hour! I am so proud of him! It has been hard, but I'm hoping he will continue to get better each nap, and soon it won't be an issue at all! It has been super nice to have some free time during the day to clean, knit, and be on the computer! I do miss the baby cuddles (and the napping!), but he normally likes to just sit with me for about 10-15 mins after waking up, so that is nice.

Other than that, not too much going on here. It has been raining a lot, which is fine. We go walking in the rain, but not to the park so much.... I'm thinking of taking Sawyer to the indoor playground we have in town to see if he likes that.

Alright, off to go make the best use of my baby-free time!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I need to kick it up a notch with my blogging. I've been knitting like a crazy person, with not much to show for it. I've finished my felted clogs and need to weave in the ends on a scarf (which is scrappy, so there are a lot of ends). I still need to knit a washcloth and a hat before I can focus on my "me" knitting again. (these are all class samples I'm working on)

I'm going to have pictures of my closet soon. I'm really happy with my organization. My yarn is so pretty!

My new knitting plan: always have three projects on the needles. One out of handspun yarn, one for Sawyer, and one class sample. The idea is then I won't have these crazy "my samples are due in two days and they aren't even started" knitting freak outs. And the sample may sometimes be something for Sawyer, so that would be great! Hoping that works out.

Next on my needles is Sawyer's birthday sweater. It is a top down yolk sweater with dinosaur colorwork. Yea!!! I might go pick out the yarn today. Maybe. Depends on my mood.

Alright, I hope to get back to regular blogging soon... Until then, Happy August!!