Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinosaur sweater!

I am knitting a sweater for Sawyer for his birthday. I am further along now that I was in this picture, but I am loving it. I wasn't too sure about my color choices, but now that it is knit up, I think it is great. And, yes, I know Sawyer loves dogs, but I like dinosaurs and I still have some say in what he wears. I need to take advantage of that for as long as possible.

The sweater is from Tot Toppers, which is a favorite line of mine. Kate has a great aesthetic, and designs a lot with little boys in mind, as she has two adorable boys. 

And, if you notice my pictures looking better, it is because my amazing husband bought me a surprise present! A brand new, crazy nice camera! I am now the owner of a Canon Rebel Ti. I have been taking a TON of pictures (as in 450ish since Thursday) and playing with it. I still have everything set on auto, but plan on actually learning to use it with all the manual settings. I started reading the manual today, so hopefully I will be on my way to amazing pictures. Be sure to check out Sawyer's blog for great pictures of him! Obviously, most of my pictures of him.....

One other thing I am doing to learn new things is taking cooking classes! Josh mentioned wanting to do this, and it has been something I've been interested in doing for a while, so I am taking one with him.  It is all about how to cook chinese food! I'm really excited, as I like chinese food, but have no idea how to cook it.... I love learning new things!


Miss Julep said...

Awesome sweater, fantastic surprise camera and I am jealous about the cooking class, ha,ha. It sounds fantastic and cool that your husband is taking it as well.

Have fun with all of the happenings.

Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Super cute and wow!! Awesome hubby surprising you with a great camera :D