Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby, you're a star!

Sawyer had a photo shoot today.... and not with me. My MIL has a friend who has a friend (confused yet?) who is part of a production company.  Anyway, they needed shots of a baby boy for a baby book of expressions. So, Sawyer was supposed to be super happy, asleep, and upset.  He had one expression for the entire photo shoot.... "uninterested".... so, I don't think that he will be in the book.


You are still a star to me, Sawyer.

In other news, my books from Amazon came today!!! I'm SO excited to try and make some cake pops... I kind of want to make ALL of them.  There are sheep, Easter eggs, bunnies, cows, ghosts, turkeys, owls, snowmen.... and the list goes on!  I just love them. I might run to the store tomorrow to try and get the supplies to try some out. If they are yummy, expect to find plenty of them in my house.... 

I am still knitting. I just have the ribbing on the birthday sweater, then it is on to the sleeves.  I have also finished one washcloth for a swap I am in... I'm going to try and knit a hat for the swap too... just have to find the pattern I want to use... it's for a little girl (the swap is in my mommy group on Rav, all babies were due in Oct 2010)! I'm so excited to knit/sew for a little girl! So fun. :)

And spinning.... I finished one skein of yarn the other night. It is drying and then I will take some glamour shots of it. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. 

And crafting.... I have started working on Sawyer's birthday invites. I am planning on sending something special to the family members, which I have made a mock up of and plan on assembling soon. I also hope to make a mock up of the invites for everyone else soon so that I can get started on those.  Hopefully by doing a little bit every day I will have them done in no time!

Alright, Sawyer is napping, I guess I should be productive....

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