Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dog Birthday

So I have been planning Sawyer's birthday.... yes, it is still 2 months away, but that isn't that long and I have a lot to do!! I have been looking up ideas online and found these cake pops that I am very excited about! I have also thought about getting a big box and decorating it to look like a dog house. Sawyer can play in it, and it will also become a place where we can put all the gifts. I'm also planning on serving food in dog dishes, making dog bone shaped cookies, and a giant dog paw cake.

All this dog planning has made me rethink his birthday sweater. I feel like it should be a dog sweater! Who knows. Obviously, I am going to finish this one, as I am almost done with the body and just have the sleeves left.... but.... maybe.... I might knit a dog one too. Crazy. I am for SURE going to knit him a dog toy. I have a pattern that should be quick and easy.

In other news, Sawyer and I went to story time at the zoo yesterday! We bought our zoo pass, which means we can go whenever we want (awesome) and his grandparents can take him for free as well (double awesome).  My friend and her two boys came, everyone was well behaved, and we had a great time! The stories were about wolves and then we got to go see the wolves and listen to the zookeeper tell us all about them. Sawyer really enjoyed it.  Mondays at the zoo are music and Wednesdays are story time, so I have a feeling we are going to be spending a lot of time there!

Alrighty, off to enjoy some quiet time while Sawyer is napping....

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Miss Julep said...

FUN!! I LOVE zoo passes! They really pay for themselves many times over.

Precious dog pops too.