Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have a lot of books coming my way.... I got a little carried away on Amazon this week.

The Mason Dixon knitting books (bought used), The Wonder Weeks (a parenting book), The Baby Led Weaning book and cookbook and Cake Pops (WHAT?!? How cute are these?? I might be making about a million of them).

On top of this, I also bought two books at Title Wave today (I checked both the library and Title Wave for these books before ordering... I have about 5 books on hold at the library too.... I have a lot of reading to do!) one on baby sign (I might be giving in...) and another on babies brains. I also got Sawyer a Baby Einstein DVD to try out. He was kind of into it. He liked when the other babies were on the screen.  He even waved to one! That was exciting.

Hopefully they will all be on my doorstep soon and I can get through them quickly. And, hopefully there will be a lot of cake pops coming out of my kitchen! :)

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Miss Julep said...

Ooooo, good choices! LOVE the Mason Dixon books!! Oh and the cake pops are fun! I've been addicted to making the cake balls which are similar but mine aren't nearly as cute as those in your book, but the folks at the office love them just the same.

Enjoy your treats!!