Monday, August 29, 2011

State Fair!

I love the fair. LOVE. Weston says that I have a strange affinity for the state fair... which is true. I look forward to it every year... as soon as the snow starts melting, I get excited for the end of summer and the FAIR!!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was excited to take my baby to the fair. And this year, I was able to do that! We went as a family on Friday, because it was kids day. I really wanted Sawyer to be in the diaper derby.... He decided to wait until the race was over to crawl, but it was still fun!

Sawyer loved walking around (he was in the backpack the whole time, strollers at busy events are not my cup of tea) and looking at everything. Especially the animals.

For a video of Sawyer in the diaper derby, and his take on the State Fair, check out his blog.

Quick run down.... Sawyer's sweater just needs sleeves, and I picked up the needles to finish it on Saturday. Of course, I've been spinning like crazy (who knows why... just what I feel like doing) so that has been hanging out on the counter teasing me. I haven't sewn anything lately. Although I have a lot to sew... I need to cut out patterns and fabric.... which is my least favorite thing to do. Maybe during morning nap time tomorrow.

Sawyer has decided to give up afternoon nap.  I can't remember the last time he took one... I know he hasn't done taken one in his crib since Thursday. We will see if tomorrow goes better. I don't mind him not sleeping if he is in a good mood, but when he gets cranky, I get SUPER cranky. 

Alright, off to spin more and then head to bed. Have a great week!

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Miss Julep said...

LOVE all of your fair pics! Sawyer won the derby for cutest baby anyway, in my opinion. What a fun day fro y'all!!