Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor Day

Sticks and String
Baby's coming home outfit still needs one sleeve... Weston told me to slow down because he thinks the second it is done, Baby will come. He is so funny. Anyway, I'll probably work on that today... Sawyer and I did go pick out buttons for the outfit yesterday and I think they will look really nice. After I finish up that sleeve I might give in and start something new...

Mini Me
I can't remember if I listed all the new things Sawyer has learned lately... so, if I did, sorry. Blame my pregnant brain. He has learned to jump, walk backwards, spin in circles, and open the sliding glass door. It is so funny to watch him jumping... toddlers are hilarious!

In the Kitchen
This weekend my plan is to do a lot of cooking and put it in the freezer so we will have food for after Baby arrives. I know that I won't be in the mood to cook, and this way if Weston isn't either, we won't starve!  I'm not really looking forward to cooking, but I am excited to have it all done! And, really it shouldn't take me too long as I'll be making simple dishes (chili, tacos, biscuits)...

There are some bets of when Baby will be making an appearance. Some people are thinking it will be this weekend as it is LABOR day. Ha ha. :P We will see.

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