Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Sad Story

Sticks and String
So, on Thursday I took Baby's coming home outfit to the park where we met a friend and Sawyer and her son played and played.... I knit the sleeve and only had the cuff left. Then after bedtime, I asked Weston to run to my car to get it out so I could finish it.  He came back empty handed. We searched the house. No luck. I remember dropping my knitting in the parking lot while getting Sawyer in the car, but I thought I tossed it into the car.... I guess I didn't. Went back to the park. No luck. I left a sign, posted on craigslist, and called the LYSs to see if anyone had turned it in.... no luck.....


So, Baby will be coming home in the same outfit Sawyer did. I was pretty upset about it at first, but now I've accepted it... there is nothing I can do about it.  Still a big bummer though.

Random Chatter
I have my 38-week appointment today. There was some excitement this weekend and we thought we were going to have a baby, but nope... Baby is still happy where s/he is. Which is fine. :) I'm guessing today will be another uneventful appointment.

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend!

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Whitney Harness said...

Kelsey told me about this and my heart is just aching for you! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will somehow show up before baby is born.