Monday, September 10, 2012

Bigger isn't always better

Random Chatter
Especially when it comes to my body! I feel like a giant humpty dumpty right now... I'm ready for the baby to come... hopefully the baby is ready soon! I took this photo today of my very pregnant shadow... it made me laugh.

Sawyer and I went to the zoo today so I could get some walking in and hopefully encourage Baby to come... I really want to meet the baby and snuggle him/her! 

Mini Me
Also, when did a kid move into my house?!? Sawyer is so big and independent, it is crazy.  It is hard for me to remember that he isn't even two yet... 

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Miss Julep said...

It made me laugh too, but in a good wWhat a fun photo for you to look back upon. I love that Sawyer is in the pic as well.

I sent you a package last week so please be looking for it sometime in the weeks to come, (I remember how long it takes ot get things to your neck of the woods).

Here's to a fast delivering. Looking forward to the outcome; girl or boy:)

Take care!!