Monday, February 4, 2013

A rattle and plans

I knit Lucy this fun mushroom rattle this weekend. I had some handspun at I wanted to use to make her something, and this was quick and easy. She loves it. It has a bell in the top and some crinkle stuff in the stem. It is easy for her to grab and shove in her mouth....and the top kind of looks like a boob! Lol

My next knit will be mittens for Sawyer. I have to go buy some black yarn to go with the blue I have already. I was going to use white, but I think the black will look better and it won't get dirty as easily, which is probably a good thing with mittens. I might try and get the yarn today if I'm super adventurous and decide to try and take both kids to the store....or I might just wait until I'm at the shop on Wednesday to teach....

We are going to hopefully make it to the zoo today. It's pretty warm out and I think it will be fun! Sawyer has been watching Monty the Moose this morning and making all the noises for the animals....he is so funny!


Miss Julep said...

ADORABLE!! But about the zoo outing....your idea of warm and mine (here in Miami) are two different things, I suspect:)Hope you had a good time!!

Whitney Harness said...

That is so cute! And I'm sure the "boobish" looks makes her love it even more lol.