Monday, January 28, 2013

Lucy's blanket

It's done. I finished it. And I am so proud of myself..... There were a lot of challenges that I overcame to finish this darn thing....and none of them really had to do with the knitting (which was actually relatively simple). 1. I had bound it off only to realize I hated the bind off in the pattern and it was too small. It sat around forever before I finally got it back on the needles. Then it sat around forever before I started knitting it again 2. The yarn. Wow. The yarn. I used malabrigo rios and it was a PAIN. One skein was virtually impossible to wind, and two others had a lot of spots I had to cut out. And because it is a superwash yarn (which I didn't realize until after I bought it....darn my reading skills sometimes) I couldn't spit splice it and I had SO many ends to weave in! Between the last two skeins I had ELEVEN ends. Unacceptable. But, I wove them all in, blocked it and I'm pretty darn happy with the result.

Lucy loves it as well. She thinks it is delicious.

(Oh, and Weston did great at home with both kiddos while I was at work....Lucy was pretty crabby when he was putting Sawyer to bed, but other than those 20 mins, she was wonderful)

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Whitney Harness said...

Wow, Sally, it turned out just beautiful! I'm sure she loves it now and will love it forever :) And I'm glad to here your first night back at work went well at home, I was thinking about it...I have yet to leave Riggs with Steve for a bedtime so I was wondering how it would go with two! Weston is a rockstar I guess ;)