Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finished objects

I have already completed two things this year, which is pretty amazing for me! If I continue on this path of production, I will have quite a lot to show off this year! I finished Josh's hat, and I love it. He loves it too and is already sporting it around town. I was so excited to finish that and be able to cast on something new (I've been diligent about keeping my WIP number low) but instead I decided to pick up and finish my Hemlock Ring blanket that I started when I was pregnant with Lucy. I attached my last skein of yarn last night and if I keep with it, I should probably be able to finish it in a couple of weeks. Each round is over 400 stitches and growing, so it takes a while....she could use a blanket full of mom love right now though. She has such a stuffy nose and it makes me so sad. There is not much you can do for such a young person, and she is pretty miserable. Thankfully, she is still able to sleep (although all her crazy sounding breathing keeps me up) so she will with any luck be over it soon....

Alright, back to the never ending blanket.

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