Friday, January 6, 2012

Adventures in the Bathroom

So I have been reading the book "Diaper-Free Before 3" and have decided to get Sawyer a potty chair.  After spending two weeks basically naked in the house (due to a nasty rash after Thanksgiving) he is pretty aware of his bodily functions, so I have decided to take advantage of that. Hopefully. Today we practiced sitting on it. He kind of liked it... I sang wheels on the bus while he sat there, which he liked. I think this is going to take some practice. It will for sure be easier in the summer when I won't feel like he is going to freeze to death in only underwear in a shirt. He never seems to be bothered by his lack of clothing and often fights getting dressed, so maybe he is fine.... ?? I am going to attempt to sew him some little trainer undies.... more on that in the sewing section....

On Pins and Needles
Sewing Sawyer's undies is going to be my first adventure in sewing with knits. I have had some knit fabric sitting around for quite a while that I was going to make a hoodie for Sawyer with.... since that hasn't happened, my plan is to try and make training pants for him. He has started to not enjoy his bulky diapers, so my hope is that with the training pants and sitting him on the potty will be enough for being at home. I have a cute dalmatian print with firetrucks and a solid red to go with it... hopefully they will turn out ok!

Sticks and String
I have been knitting Josh's hat! I was a little worried about how it looked (the pattern doesn't give you a way to really knit a gage swatch... the gage is measured between cables... so I guess you can measure it only once you start your hat. Don't really care for that, but just decided to go with the needles it calls for and wing it)... I thought it was a little loose... then I re-read the pattern only to see the needles I was using was too big. Doh. At least I was only 5 rows into the cable pattern.  So, I ripped back, and started over. I am now past that point and it is looking awesome.

In other random news, I bought a few new articles of clothing today. My parents gave me some money for Christmas to buy new clothes (I have t-shirts and one pair of jeans that fits) so I went to a local consignment shop today and picked up two fancy silk tank tops and a black cardigan type top that I can wear over them. I now have clothes that look nice to wear when we go out with friends, which is nice. Pretty excited about that!

Alright, first post with the new headings. Hope you like it. :D Have a great weekend....

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Miss Julep said...

Sounds like you are on the road to freedom, in a sense. Good luck with the bathroom detail!! New clothing is always fun, especially when you get a good value for your money from a consignment shop:)