Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moose on the loose!

Yesterday we had two moose in the front yard! I just love seeing moose. Although, I need to remember to check for them, as I don't really want to open my door to find one on the porch! With all the snow, they are probably having a bit of a harder time this winter than normal. I wonder if animals think about that stuff... do they all meet at some tree and complain about the weather?! I guess we will never know....

Sawyer and I went to the zoo today. It was nice out (around freezing, so a nice change to the -10 we have been having) and we had a wonderful time. A lot of the animals were out. Sawyer loves to look at birds, and the tigers were cool, but his favorite animal today was the seal.  One of the seals was "playing" with Sawyer.  He would swim with us when we would walk back and forth.  He would press up against the glass when we would stop. It was very fun.  Sawyer was loving it. I can't wait to get the boots I ordered him so I can let him run around outside! His normal shoes just aren't warm enough for me to let him do that right now. I even splurged and ordered him some new mittens so he doesn't have to wear socks on his hands anymore.... this baby is moving up in the world!

In the Kitchen
Weston and I went out to dinner tonight (all by ourselves!) to Kinley's.  We had never been, but had a gift certificate, and it was wonderful.  We had a really nice time, the food was great, and they have a wonderful beer selection.  The service was really good (and I don't even feel like that was because we knew our server :) ), it was a really nice night. Tomorrow I have another cooking class, about pasta and sauces.  I'm looking forward to that as Sawyer loves to eat pasta.... so it will be nice to have a few more sauce recipes up my sleeve.

Alright, that is all that is going on here. Still knitting away on Josh's hat. Off to go work on that now. Somehow his birthday is sneaking up on me....

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