Monday, January 23, 2012

A long week

Sawyer had his first real fever this week. It was around 102 and I was getting worried. Luckily, with one dose of Motrin and a good night's sleep, he was recovered. He has had a pretty good week otherwise.... less crabby and more fun. 

In the Kitchen
I don't remember if I cooked too much last week. I did make spinach lasagna and chicken ranch pizza.... I am probably going to make sweet and sour chicken tonight with fried rice. I'm always excited about that meal...

I haven't been feeling awesome lately. It is quite annoying actually. My stomach has just been a bit off and it is driving me nuts. I just never feel good. I'm ready to feel back to normal.  Other than that, things are great. Alright, off to make a dinner menu for the week and maybe rest a bit while Sawyer is sleeping... right after my little rant.... feel free to skip it...

On my Soapbox
A random rant. I was out with friends this weekend and they started complaining about people smoking outside. (We were outside waiting for a shuttle) I told them it didn't bother me. They asked if I was for smoking. Here is how I feel: I don't care. It is their life, they are doing something that is their choice, I wouldn't do it and I think it is dumb, but I am for FREEDOM. If you don't like it, go inside! It isn't a big deal. I just get crazy when people want to tell others what to do. If what I'm doing is legal, LEAVE ME THE F*&# ALONE. Remove yourself from the situation if it is one you are uncomfortable with. I guess I am just super sensitive to the topic because of all the nursing in public things in the news lately. I found a website with some awesome pro-breastfreeding shirts that I loved... I plan on ordering some for both Sawyer and myself. There are baby shirts that say "if you are uncomfortable with me eating, put a blanket over your head" HA! Yes. Do that. Because my baby is fine. There was a shirt I wanted to get for Sawyer that says, "Weaning is for quitters". And my favorite (that I won't order, because it is a bit obscene, but I like the sentiment) "If breastfeeding is sexual, then bottles are dildos" Too funny. Alright, off my box now. As long as you don't step on my toes. 

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Miss Julep said...

Have to agree with you on the freedom issue. Hope your stomach is feeling better this week.