Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fall for Anything

I have been thinking lately about life (as W is trying to come up with a 5 year plan for our lives...) and what I stand for. I don't really involve myself in many public issues... turning the TV off has really helped with that. So as I was thinking, I realized that I came up with a few things that I do believe in...

* I believe that what is right for one person is not right for everyone. I try my best not to judge the decisions that others make. I am not in their position. I can think about what I would do, but I don't know, I wasn't there.

* I believe in living a simple life. By that, I mean that I try my best to support local and small business, eat healthy, and reduce waste. (I am a bit of a recycler...) I don't want a big house, I don't want tons of useless stuff... I just want to come home and knit (or quilt or spin) and be happy.

I think those are the two things that I really, strongly believe in. I have some opinions, and I occasionally share those... but mostly, I keep to myself. I am a pretty solitary person.

On to other, not so heavy, stuff. I have finished the project bags for the people going to Sock Summit with me. I love making those bags. They are quick, easy, and super cute. I think the recipients will be pleased with them. I have to make myself a new cute one so I will not be left out.

I am having a hard time deciding what to pack and what to pack it in for my trip. I know that it will be much warmer than I am used to, so I have some capris to wear. But I also know that the places where I will be spending a majority of my time will be air conditioned, which means I will probably be cold. So pack a sweater. I know that I will be spending a lot of money on yarn... so do I pack an extra bag, or do I ship it home??!? Hmm... I don't know why I am stressing over this so much. It has been a long time since I have been on vacation. This is the first time that I picked the place and actually planned my own vacation, so I am pretty excited about that.

Off to go think about packing...

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