Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick List

A quick list of things I accomplished today... because I am pretty proud of myself. :)

* Finished a quilt top (sure, it only needed borders, but it needed TWO borders. And borders are my nemesis.)
* Made chocolate chip cookies from scratch (and ate too much of the dough)
* Vacuumed up dirty dog paws and dirt in the sliding glass door track
* Made a set of coasters and some fun tea towels for a swap partner
* Cleaned out my knitting basket (and in the process, found WAAAY too many needles...not sure where they all came from.)
* Blogged (twice, if you count this...)
* Helped W with the awning (and didn't get too mad when he made me sit outside and watch him "just in case"...)
* Spun up some more of my Corgi Hill Farms batts
* Cleaned the kitchen (no disasters today)
* Knit about 4 rows on my shirt/dress

Ok, I think that is about it. Now as a bulleted list, it doesn't look like that much, but trust me, I was busy today. :)


Tracy said...

Mmmm... cookies!
Have you seen this article?
I thought it was interesting... and now I want to make the cookies from the recipe!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a lot to me!