Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Downtown Adventure

Last week, Josh came home. I was pretty excited because he had been gone for 6 weeks. We decided to head to the Downtown Title Wave to pick up a book he wanted and I found some pretty exciting items. As many of you know, I LOVE Alaska. I am pretty sure that I can not live anywhere else. I also love funny things from Alaska. For example, I bought a Sarah Palin comic book. Really?!? I thought it was pretty amazing. I have only read half of it, as I really do have better things to do.... but it seems to be just an biography in comic book form. I also bought my dad a set of "Alaskan Outlaws" playing cards. They have pictures of "outlaws" from AK (Sarah Palin, Exxon Valdez Driver, Binky the Bear, etc) and their story. I think I might have to go back to get some more fun items... these are just the fun things I found at the checkout desk. I had never been to the Downtown Titlewave but I think I will be making more trips for presents.

Also, some other exciting news. I just ordered my first SPINNING WHEEL!! Ahhh.... I am so very excited. I finished my shirt/dress knit last night, and I'm not too pleased with it. I think it looks weird on me. I should have known, as the last chunky knit I finished I didn't like either. But I took a risk... we will see. I'm going to try it with something different underneath and see what happens.

It has been rainy here. Which is good, as we did need it. I wouldn't mind seeing the sun again though. My garden is doing well. I actually have BROCCOLI growing! I am pretty excited about that. I have never been very successful growing things, but this year I was really able to take care of all of my plants.

On the baking front, I made some brownies from scratch the other day. I wish I had read the recipe before I started it, because they were made in the microwave... they were ok. Luckily, it only took me 20 mins from start to finish, so I didn't feel like I lost too much. I am going to try another brownie recipe tomorrow which is baked in the oven, so hopefully it will turn out better.

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