Friday, July 10, 2009

A few random things

I watched the news last night (hoping to hear the weather will cool down...) and there was a story about the road construction they are doing on a major road here in town. They had people complaining about the noise because they do a lot of work at night. The construction crew said, "Well, our only other option is to work during the day." Insightful! If you don't work at night, the only other time to work is during the day. I know if they worked during the day, the same people would complain about how hard it is to get around so.....

Also, the neighbors have two dogs now. One is a pretty nice dog. He doesn't listen very well, but other than that he is a nice dog. The other dog, however, is trouble. He is scary. I don't like him. He barks very meanly at the fence and one day he barked and walked quickly towards me while I was in my front yard. CRAZY. Anyway, I found out the other day that both of their dogs are named Badger. No wonder they don't listen. They never know who is being told what to do.

I have been spinning every day for Tour de Fleece. I finished my first yarn today, a two ply from Alaskan Sass. It is wonderful. Almost 200 yards. I am very pleased with how if turned out. I am now spinning some batts from Corgi Hill Farms. They are so pretty, I am thinking I am going to leave them as singles. I'm worried plying might actually take away some of the beauty.

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Tracy said...

I love that pink and green yarn!

Weird that they named both of their dogs the same thing. Wasn't there a tv show like that? "This is my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell" or something.
But don't let Badger #2 know that you are scared. I'm not sure how you do that if you ARE scared... but dogs can tell...