Monday, July 6, 2009

Flat Rate Box Swap!

I joined a bunch of different swaps on Ravelry lately, and my first swap package arrived today. It was like Christmas unpacking all of the goodies. Here are some pictures and a list of the different goodies. The theme for the swap was "local interests" and my swap partner was from Ventura, CA. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

A reusable grocery bag (which is beautiful!), treats for my dogs (they have been eyeing them on the table…), sand from a local beach, a container for my rotary cutter, a picture frame, some beautiful roving (just in time for Tour de Fleece!), some cool tags to label my handspun yarn (which is perfect, because I just have a list going right now and that is bound to get lost!), a hand knit bunny (VERY cute!) and the pattern, two balls of Wool-ease in a beautiful rose color, an audio book (will be listening to this later while knitting), a mini clip light, a pen, some pins for sewing, a notepad, a fun paper punch in the shape of a dog paw, some handmade lace stitch markers, Love of Knitting magazine (with a special section on how to learn to knit lace, which I have been wanting to do), a Lakers t-shirt (they won the championship this year!), a pin from the local fair, a retractable tape measure, some fun travel soap sheets, magnets, and TONS of fun information about where she lives! WHEW! I think that is it… it was like Christmas unpacking my package as a lot of the items were wrapped up. SO fun.

My partner was AWESOME! So thank you Ginny! If you are interested in swapping, log onto Ravelry and search for them. There is a swap for almost every interest and budget. It is very fun to put together packages for other people. Now I am off to spin for Tour de Fleece. Updates later tonight on my progress.

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Dogmommy4 said...

I am so surprised that your box got there so soon, considering the holiday weekend and all. You know, half the fun is when the box gets to its intended spoilee. Sally, you were a fun partner to send my box to! I hope to converse with you again! Now go spin, woman!!

Maybe I'll see you on the Tour de Fleece course. My shipment of Poppy Flower Fibers just got here so I'm off to hop on Mattie (my kiwi) for a spin around the block.