Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Musings

Today I had the day off and I got a bit of work done. I cleaned up my sewing room and was able to organize my fiber (turns out I have WAAY too much and need to get to spinning). I also was able to get two project bags sewn, which turned out pretty amazing. I am getting a lot quicker at sewing them together, which is awesome.

Last night I was knitting on my shirt/dress and decided that the last place I had to switch yarn balls was ugly. I don't know what happened, but the place was very noticeable. I then decided to try and un-weave and re-weave the ends. That turned into a mess... something went wrong and stitches may have been dropped. So I wound up having to rip back to that spot. What a pain. And I was almost ready to switch balls of yarn again. UGH. Very annoying. I was ALMOST done with this darn project and now it is back to where I was a week ago. So I really need to get to knitting because as soon as I get it done I get to order my very own spinning wheel!!

I am hoping to do some updates in the shop later this week. I started winding my cashmere/wool/nylon blend yarns today. I also have a soybean/alpaca blend. Both are pretty amazing. If I can get them knitted tomorrow and dyed Wednesday, they should be in the shop on Thursday or Friday. I will post here and on Twitter when I do the shop update.

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