Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sock Summit, here I come!!!

I leave for Sock Summit tonight. TONIGHT. The day is here. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was making my flight reservations and dreaming of this day.... but it is here. Am I ready? No. I'm not packed AT ALL. I don't know what knitting projects to take. (Actually, this is stressing me out more than the packing. I can survive in one set of clothes, but what if I get bored with my knitting??) I just checked the weather and it looks like it is supposed to be cooler (only 80*ish) which is nice, because I was going to DIE if it was 100*. It also says it might rain... hmm... I live in AK where it rains quite often, yet I do not own a rain jacket of any type. What am I to do??

Alright, enough stress. My spinning wheel (a beautiful Ashford Kiwi) came on Sat. Last night I finally had enough time to seal it and put it *almost* together. I am two screws away from it being done. I don't have the appropriate screwdriver to finish the task, and I realized it at 10:30, so there was no where to get one either. I am hoping to finish it today, but who knows. At least it will be waiting for me when I return from my epic adventure in Oregon.

W is almost done with the awning project in the yard. The awning part has been done for close to two weeks, but he has been collecting rocks and laying them in the ground to create the porch. Sunday we drove to Seward (which was amazing, and I totally could live there) and we picked up a bunch of rocks on the way home so he could finish. I hope it is done when I get back, as the dogs really need a bath, but with all the dirt out there it is a bit pointless right now...

Speaking of the dogs, I bought Snickers a gentle leader head harness a few weeks ago, and let me tell you.... it has revolutionized my dog walking. He used to hate it, but now he is pretty much over it. He even sits down so I can put it on him. And before walking him was a pain because he pulled like a mad man. Now, I could walk him with one finger. He listens when I tell him where to go... it is amazing. Frito is getting one soon, as he has a very big pulling problem. I actually refuse to walk him because the last time I did he really hurt my hand. So if you have a dog that pulls, I highly recommend the Gentle Leader. It is amazing.

Alright, I guess I should go tackle my day... not like I can just get this stuff done tomorrow, because I will be in PORTLAND!!! I don't think I am brining my computer, so this will be my last blog post until my return. If you are incredibly curious about what I am doing, you can follow me on Twitter. The link is on the right side of my blog. Have a great week and weekend!!!!

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Ann said...

Hey Sally, I don't know if you'll even remember me...we went to college together...anyway..I ran across your etsy store on accident..and from there your blog. Love all the crafty stuff. I think I'm inspired to try knitting again. Found some really neat yarn at the market I went to in Vicenza last weekend..plus a lady that sells awesome fabric...anyway ..TMI i'm sure but just wanted to say hello, and I like reading about all your craftiness.
Ann "Michael" Tomko