Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sale Day

So... I'm a bit burned out on Sock Summit blogging. I may come back and explain in more detail, but here is a quick summary of what I haven't told you. The Ravelry meet up was AMAZING. They really know how to throw a party. We got some awesome swag bags and just had a great time. I met the lady who had a knitting needle stab into her leg (I know, crazy, right?!? She just sat down, and it was at just the right angle out of her bag and BAM! Into her leg. She was fine. And quite a good sport about it as well.) and some other fun people. It was a blast. I also loved visiting the LYS (Local Yarn Shops) in Portland. I went to Knit/Purl about 4 times. What a cute shop! I also made the trek to Twisted and bought a lot of fun stuff there as well. Both were wonderful shops. Also, I fell in love with the Button and Ribbon Emporium. It was amazing. I'm SO glad they have a website to order from, because I spent almost $100 there and definitely did not buy all that I wanted. There were so many amazing things to look at. The people who worked there were so nice and generous! I loved every minute I spent there. I had the BEST time at Sock Summit. When people ask me how my trip was, I get tongue tied, as there really are no words to explain it. You had to be there.

ANYWAY. Yesterday was Sale Day at Quilt Tree. It was my first sale day as an employee. It is a pretty big deal, I remember as a customer waiting in line to get in and combat shopping all day. As an employee, it wasn't much different. I was putting away fabric and helping customers find things all day. It was a pretty manageable sale day, I think a lot of people are starting to shop BEFORE the sale, as they are not in the mood to fight the crowds. I thought it was fun though. I was exhausted after working for 7 hours, and was definitely ready to go home. I'm glad it won't happen again for a while... :) I'm also glad that I have three days off, because by the time I make it back to work the shop will be put back together!

W and I decided to go on an adventure last night. We drove around town and explored places we had never been. Drove by the new Target they are building... then followed that street all the way around. Did you know it makes a loop back to Diamond? Yea, neither did we. Crazy. Then we stopped by the Diamond Mall. Wondered around there for a while. Now I don't have to go to the mall for 6-12 months. It was crazy. I don't enjoy shopping in malls (at least here at home. I normally don't mind when I am outside the state as they have a lot of stores we don't have, so I will do it.) and last night really reminded me why that is. The stores had loud music, teenagers working (nothing like a 16-year-old working and answering questions for you to make you feel old), and just too many people. And I just don't like the consumerism feeling of the whole thing. I don't need any of that stuff. Seriously. Who needs pants with holes ALREADY in them for $60?!? Somehow, American Eagle has made people think that is a necessity.

I finished the baby hat I was knitting. OMG, it is amazing and probably the most adorable hat ever. I will post pictures soon. I am very lazy about pictures lately. I am now struggling to choose what to knit next... baby leg warmers or a scarf for myself. And just to set the record straight, there is no baby in my near future, I just enjoy knitting for babies! Quick, little projects are very satisfying. Now off to start my day.

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? LYS in Portland? What? Where? I just don't recall what that is and my curiosity is getting the better of me.
Vicki aka Nochi