Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dog Children

We don't have kids, we have dogs. But sometimes, I feel like my dogs act like children. Here is a play-by-play of my evening.

12:52 am: Frito whines like he wants to go out. I get up and try to let him out. Snickers bolts out the door to look for the cat (there is a cat that often wanders the neighborhood at night...), Frito stands there and sulks because it is raining. Snickers comes back in and I go back to bed.
12:55 am: Frito clearly wants to go out. I try to let him out. This time he goes onto the porch, but refuses to go out from underneath the awning. He pouts and comes back in the house.
12:58 am: Frito is still whining. I ask W to let him out... maybe it will make a difference. W doesn't even make it half way down the hall and Frito steals his spot in bed. It was a ploy. W tells him, "I love you Frito, but you and Snickers are evolving and I don't like it"
2:07 am: Frito finally mans up and goes outside despite the rain. We all go back to bed.
5:02 am: Snickers for some reason thinks it is time to get up. But he just wanted to smell the air outside and see what the weather was. I tell him, "I'm not the Doggie Weather Channel. Can we please go back to bed?!?"

7:00 am: W gets up. The dogs don't come to bed like normal. I get up to move my car so J can go to work. I see that W's car door is open... apparently someone decided to rifle through his car some time during the night. They must have been quiet, as while the dogs were antsy, they were not barking or acting as if anything was wrong. Luckily, nothing was taken out of the car... but really? Someone had to walk into the driveway to see if the car was unlocked (yup, W forgot to lock it... luckily, I guess...). I wonder how often THAT happens. Creepy.

Anyway.... on to happier things. I cleaned my sewing room yesterday. I organized my fiber stash and my yarn stash... I also saw all of my unfinished quilts. All of the organizing reminded me of the projects I have in progress and motivated me to finish some of them. Hopefully. I will try and post pictures of my stash(es) later. Now, I must get ready for work. I work hard for my money$$!! :)

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