Friday, August 14, 2009

Classes at SS09

I took three one hour classes while at Sock Summit in addition to my class with the Yarn Harlot. I actually really enjoyed my one hour classes... it is the perfect amount of time for me to learn a simple skill and feel like I have walked away confident in what I just learned.

Conquer Short Row Heels!
This was my first one hour class. It was taught by Chrissy Gardner, who just released a new book (the name is escaping me right now, even though I bought it and had it signed by her) which is pretty amazing. I had never attempted a short row heel because the "wrap and turn" part scared me. I didn't know what it meant. Then as you keep reading the directions, you have to "unwrap" the stitches. Too confusing. So, I took a class and realized that it wasn't really that complicated at all! So now I just have to decide which pattern in the book to try first... they are all so fun and pretty, it will be a tough decision. I will keep you updated.

Continental Knitting
I felt like I could have had a two or three hour class in this and would have been better off. While I did learn the basic concept, I am very clumsy. Holding the yarn is a challenge for me, as when I throw I don't really have a technique for holding the yarn. I am going to try and keep practicing with this technique, as I do want to knit faster. I have been practicing lever knitting and getting better at that... I also have been knitting MORE, which really has done wonders for my knitting progress. While in Portland, I knitting my brother a hat for Christmas. It is pretty amazing. Now I have started a baby hat (which is adorable) and I am almost to the patterning section which means, I'm almost done! It is amazing how much knitting you can get done if you actually KNIT instead of THINKING about knitting!

Judy's Magic Cast-On
This was my last class of Sock Summit. This cast on is amazingly simple and also just plain amazing! It is completely invisible and I can see so many different uses for it. Judy Becker was very nice and I thought she was a great teacher. I think she is coming out with a book, which I am eagerly awaiting, as she showed us so many different ways to use this cast on (shawls, hats, socks, anything!) that I bet the book is bursting with great ideas. I have been following Judy of Twitter for a while before I realized that she was Judy of the Magic Cast-On. I felt like a dork when I figured that out. I also thought it was neat that after my class, she tweeted that she was sad she was done teaching and all of her classes were amazing. Now, I know she wasn't talking about me specifically, (although I am amazing) but it was neat to know that I was included in the group of "her classes at SS!"

So that was my experience with classes at Sock Summit. If (no, when) I get to go again, I think I will try to take a lot more one hour classes, as I learned a lot in them. Now off to get my morning under way as I have to go to work here in a bit.

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