Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Marketplace!

Thursday the marketplace was open for students only for two hours before the Opening Reception. The marketplace was actually so big and beautiful it made my head hurt. There were so many vendors who had so many beautiful things it was overwhelming. I bought a ton of stuff... here are the pictures.

I am going to wear my spinning wheel tshirt to work and then a concert tonight. I'm pretty excited about that. :)

I also collected a bunch of cards for different vendors that are going to be starting clubs. Clubs are some of my favorite things, as you can pay for the whole thing up front and then get multiple packages for the next few months. It is pretty awesome. If you have any questions about which things came from which vendors, let me know. I may be more motivated to post links later, but I am in the middle of one of my baby hat kits and I just figured out the eyelet stitch!!


Pat said...

I'd be interested in your club info - I think that a great way to learn new stuff and try new things - patterns and yarn too. Can you post them?

Sally said...

I sure can. I will put together a post about all the fiber/yarn clubs I know about...