Sunday, August 16, 2009

Opening and Closing of SS

Thursday was the Opening Reception at Sock Summit. It was amazing. I'm sure if you were following me on Twitter, you read all of my tweets about how funny ST-1 was while giving their speech. I loved the story about how SS was started. Tina and Stephanie had been talking about SS "kind of how we talk of moving to Katmandu. Fleeting and not often." Then Tina called and said she rented the convention center, for "that Sock Summit we've been talking about". Too funny. I'm glad she did though, as it was the best four days EVER! It was fun to meet people... and everyone was excited to hear that we were from Alaska. And people also didn't need to talk about Sarah Palin for too long, which was nice. Every time it was brought up I would just say that I would rather talk about Alaska, not politics. A lady I met in line waiting to buy drinks said that SS was the best knitting convention she had ever been to. The caliber of teachers and the marketplace was just out of this world. So basically, I am spoiled and can never go to another knitting convention without being disappointed. But I am thinking of visiting some of the wool festivals, as they sound like a lot of fun.

Sunday was the Luminary Panel. It was also pretty amazing, except for the fact that it marked the end of Sock Summit. It was really interesting to hear the panel talk about different knitting topics and learn that Barbara Walker had indeed invented SSK. Amazing. I was in the same room as the woman who created SSK. The panel was a bit long and some (ok, one, who will not be named) of the panelists spoke for a bit too long, but it was still amazing.

I have been home for almost a week and I'm still sad that Sock Summit is over. It has been nice being home and getting some work done around the house. And I have been spinning some amazing roving from my good friend over at Northern Lights Fiber Co. It is gorgeous, as is all her stuff. Now I am off to hide in my sewing room and get some sewing done for my different swap partners. Both W and J have to work today, so I have the house to myself... hoping to get a lot done, but you never know. I should also take the dogs out for a quick walk... so many things to do!!!

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