Sunday, August 16, 2009


By request, here is some information on clubs that I know of. If you are a fiber artist and have a club, feel free to post about it in the comments. Also, if you are a member of a fiber club, please feel free to post that as well.

Huckleberry Knits (you can see about 5 skeins of yarn in my picture from her) is going to be starting a club here soon. I think she is going to start a sock club and she is thinking about a mystery club and a "soaker" (little baby pant things) club. When she starts any of them, I am joining. Her yarn is amazing.

Danido Crafty has an amazing "Choose Your Own Adventure" club. She is all about customization, and she is the person who bought my first item out of my Etsy shop! *yea!* She is also from Alaska, but lives in Vegas. And, because our state is so small (in population), I actually just found out that I play softball with one of her good friends. CRAZY!

Skeindalous is starting a sock club that is based on the natural wonders of America. Her yarn in the picture is the green and gold yarn. It is called "Greed" as she did a line of yarn based on the 7 deadly sins. I had a hard time only buying that one skein, and can't wait to see what wonders she chooses for her sock club!

The Spindies Cooperative (a group of amazing fiber artists) does a club. I just checked out their page and it looks like they have a lot of size and length (how many months) options, so there is one for everyone! I believe they feature a different artist every month, which is pretty neat.

Maude and Me has a fun fiber club. I just love the pictures in the post! I haven't actually gotten my hands on any of her product, but it looks beautiful and I really want to try it. I need to spin at least some of my stash down before I buy any more. Seriously. There is only so much space in my house.

Serendipity Fiber Arts has a fun Myth and Magic club. There are many options to this club as well, so you can customize something to fit your budget. Her samples in PhatFiber are always amazing.

Perfect Day Yarns has a Dead Poets sock club. The next round goes on sale Aug 20! What a fun idea! I would love to see what a yarn based on a dead poet looks like.

Hampton Artistic Yarn (H.A.Y.) just started a roving and batt club. I love her little logo! Again, her roving is beautiful, but I need to SPIN, SPIN, SPIN!!!

Desert Garden Farms does a Pamper Yourself club (that I am in!). You can join for one month, or three. You get to pick if you receive hand spun yarn or roving. You will also get some lovely pampering items and a hand made bag! I love this club and am eagerly awaiting my next installment!

Twice Sheared Sheep has started a secret pattern/yarn of the month club. I treated myself to the July installment and loved it! I haven't knitted my hat and hand warmers yet, but they are high up on my queue of things to get on the needles.

Serendipitous Ewe has a Retro Video Game Sock Club that my friend joined while at Sock Summit. I love her yarn and plan on ordering some soon. Her puffin colorway is very fun, and puffins are my favorite bird, so I probably need a pair of puffin socks! :) Her striped entry for Dye for Glory won as well!

That is all that I know of at the moment. Let me know if you know of more. Clubs are my favorite things to buy because it is the gift that keeps on giving! You get packages for months! :) Now off to finish dinner (homemade pizza) and spin so I can order more!!! :)

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Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I run a yarn of the month club at Thanks for all the great info on other fiber clubs!