Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fling!

So today I am taking myself out on the town. I have decided that since I don't have to work, I am going on an adventure. First, I am going to Wasilla to check out the yarn store that is going out of business, Ewe First. I am sad to see it go.... I love the name, and it was a beautiful shop. It is sad to see LYS go out of business... I hope it doesn't become a trend. Then off to the FAIR!! I love the fair. W and I are going next Sat, but one day is just not enough fair time for me. So, I am taking myself and I can do what I want and just have a grand ol' time! I am so excited about my adventure that I couldn't sleep and got up at 8. So now I am off to finish getting ready. I will post later about how it went, maybe with some pictures! Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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