Monday, August 24, 2009

August Phat Fiber Box

"Meet Me At The Fair" was the theme and the contributors went above and beyond with their packaging! It was amazing. My pictures aren't the best, but I am going to try and post links to every shop, and you can click on the pictures to make them larger. First up, stitch markers and patterns. I recieved a stitch marker from 4 Stitch Me Knot (I guess her shop isn't up and running yet...) and one of my favorite phatties, Twice Sheared Sheep. I wasn't lucky enough to score the corn dog pattern, Pogo (nuts!), but I did get a gorgeous headband pattern from Katherine Vaughan Designs. She has some wonderful patterns for sale on her blog. I really admire designers. I have a hard (make it close to impossible) time trying to come up with ideas for knitting, much less figure out how to make it work. I am getting better at being more creative with quilting (I designed my own quilt and have.... one... block done), but that is a flat piece, where knitting is much more 3-D. Moving on....
The rest of my box is FIBER! I scored a fluff box, partly because I'm obsessed with spinning and partly because I didn't want to risk getting one of my own samples. :) I have seen some of my samples on the Rav Phat Fiber page, which is VERY fun and exciting. But here are the links to the shops...
Carly Original sent in a sample called "gymnastics" (It is purple, blue, and pink) that is hand dyed bamboo. I LOVE the colors and can't wait to practice on this hard for me to spin fiber. She is also a very nice person who messaged me on Etsy when she saw I made my first sale! I thought that was awesome.
Desired Haven Farm sent in a big batt that is red and black titled "Derby". I spun it up, and really enjoyed the black part of the sample. The red (which was Gretchen and Alpaca) was a bit lumpy, which made a cool effect, but I'm more into smooth yarn, so it wasn't my favorite. It was VERY soft though, and if you are into art yarn, check it out!
Silver Sun Alpacas sent in a gorgeous natural sample of 90% alpaca and 10% mulberry silk. I can not wait to get my hands into this. I've spun some of her stuff before, and it is amazing.
Plum Crazy Ranch and Fiber Art had a ginned cotton sample titled "Cotton Candy in the Buff". I thought that was rather creative. I have ever thought of spinning cotton, so this will be an interesting experiment. It was also neat to see such and organic sample from them, as normally their samples are crazy colors (which I actually love!).
Pacos had the small sample that looked like a candy apple. It is 100% alpaca and while it looks like a small sample, is actually a good amount! She really packed it on there! I love how rich the color is... and I have loved spinning alpaca, so it might not be too long before some of this makes its way to my house.
Another one of my favorite Phatties, Fiber Fancy, had a gorgeous candy apple batt. She is having an amazing sale right now, so be sure to check it out. Her prices are REALLY reasonable and having ordered from her multiple times, I can attest to the fact that her products are gorgeous and amazing. I'm supposed to be on a fiber diet, but her sale may break me....
Hands and Notions (a phattie I have not seen before) sent in a sample of wool locks titled "Jubilee". They are a very earthy color and look fun to spin. She also has some fun fiber grab bags on her site that would be neat to see... I love surprises!
Weston's favorite sample was from Whimsy Wool and is called "Big Top". It is a very soft merino wool in some gorgeous colors. If you are looking to purchase some hand spun yarn, her prices are incredible!
Jela's Fiber was my pick for favorite color... the yummy green batt is so pretty and has just the right amount of sparkle. It is made of merino and bamboo with a hint of Angelina. This color matches my coat, and is my absolute favorite shade of green... it looks like spring grass.
WC Mercantile (which is where I bought my spinning wheel from!) sent in 100% milk fiber in a cute little popcorn box. I'm telling you, the packaging this month was amazing. I know that spinning this will be hard for me, but the color is so amazing, I'm going to give it a shot anyway! And if you are looking for a spinning wheel, check them out! I got AMAZING customer service and a bunch of free fiber... plus the shipping was really quick!
(RuLe OuT) Fiber Addiction, NOS sent in a silk hankie called "Mosquito Bite". I thought the name was very creative. And fitting. It is a pink, mottled color. I haven't spun from a hankie before, but I need to try as I also got one in one of my club packages recently. And, because of our weird "second summer" we've been having recently, I actually got two mosquito bites on my foot last week.... annoying.
Beesy Bee Fibers sent in a gorgeous pink merino/tencel sample. The color is so pretty... I LOVE tencel yarn so I will have to see how much I love spinning it. :)
All Twisted Up sent in a wool/mohair sample in a soft pink called "Cotton Candy". The color reminds me of a baby girl... I love it. Her shop is full of different things for the fiber artist... she sews, knits, spins, dyes. She reminds me of myself. :) She dyed a lot of roving in colors that depicted the different world fairs, and they are available in her shop as well.
Boho Knitter Chic sent in a box of three samples in blue, yellow, and pink. I think it was called "Clown Hair", or at least that is what it reminded me of. And it came with a lollipop! How fun. These have just the right amount of sparkle as well. I LOVE sparkle in my batts and fibers, and these are just very fun. The bright colors are amazing and I can't wait to spin them up! She is having her first spin-a-long based on Halloween. I just read the description and UGH, these people have such wonderful things it makes it SO hard not to buy them! I LOVE Halloween... what is a girl to do???
And last, but certainly not least, is my FAVORITE sample of the box. I have admired this shop for a while, and have been VERY tempted by at least one of her rovings. Now that I have sampled her items, I don't know how much longer I can just look at them on my computer screen. The Spinning Sheep sent in a sample with a small fiber braid (in gorgeous fall colors), a sample of her hand lotion in "Pumpkin Patch" and a small bag of candy corn. I LOVE her logo, with the cute, crazy sheep. And her lotion has a soft scent that isn't overwhelming, which I really appreciate as I am very sensitive to smells and was excited to be able to actually use this!

So now that you have WAAY too many shops to tempt you, go spend some $$! And if you are looking for sock blanks (and who isn't!) go check out my shop. And in case you were looking for more Halloween fun, Twiggi is doing a Halloween club. I haven't decided if I want to just do one week, or all four. Seriously, how do these people come up with these amazing ideas?!? I love it! Alright, off to do some work and spin up more of my wonderful samples. Did you get a Phat Fiber box? What was your favorite sample?

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