Thursday, March 5, 2009

WHEW! Spring Break!

Today was our last day with students. I celebrated with two glasses of wine, which has made me quite a bit tipsy since I haven't drank in a week due to the illness. I am SO excited for spring break, I can not even explain it. I would run around with my shirt off, but it is snowing outside. Sure, it's spring break, but it is Alaska!

On another note, I went over to K's (I'm trying out this new thing where I use initials for everyone's name in my blog) house and discussed how we are going to SOCK SUMMIT! AHH! I'm so excited. It is in August and is going to be AMAZING. We are hoping L will get to come and it will be a total girls week. Portland, here I come.

I'm going to go enjoy my tipsy haze and watch the Office. Comedy night done right.

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Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

sock summit...Sock Summit...SOCK SUMMIT!!!!