Friday, March 6, 2009

Dog Park!

We took the dogs to the dog park today. It was a beautiful day outside. Sunny, warm, plenty of snow on the ground, perfect. So we loaded both pups in the truck (first time they had been in the car together) and headed off. I was a bit nervous, as it was Snickers first trip to the park. Weston laughed as he ran off and told me, "Take a good look at Snickers. It may be the last time you see him." We thought he was going to run off and join a dog pack and never be heard from again.

Luckily, we were wrong.

He listened really well and stayed pretty close. I was such a proud dog mom! Until the very end where we wanted to leash him up (for safety in the parking lot) and he thought it was a chase game. Oh well. I was just glad we all made it home safe. It is nice to be able to take both of the dogs to a place that they enjoy and get lots of exercise. Hopefully we will make another trip again soon.

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