Thursday, March 26, 2009

But you're so good....

I had a meeting with one of my parents yesterday. (A parent of one of my students...not one of the people who raised me. Guess I should clarify that.) They were disappointed to hear that I wouldn't be at the same school next year, as they were hoping their student could stay in my Study Skills class. She asked what I was going to do next year (doesn't everybody want to know!) and I told her I was taking the summer to decide and I might be teaching, but I might not. She told me, "Oh, you have to teach. You are such a wonderful teacher. You really have made a difference in my son's life." I have been told this before (about being a good teacher, not so much about the changing of lives...) but it always makes me laugh. It's just funny to me that because you are good at something people think you should continue to do it.

PLEASE don't think I am making light of this compliment, I was touched that she felt so strongly about what I should do, and that I have made such a difference for her and her son. But to continue...

What if I was a really good salesperson? I mean, amazing. Could sell snow to an Alaskan kind of good. But selling things made me want to bang my head on a table until it was black and blue. Should I still do it? Probably not.

It's kind of like that for me at my current job. I like it most of the time, but I just don't feel like it is what I am meant to do. I feel like I should be doing something different. I would like to work somewhere where things are not thrown across a room on an almost daily basis. Where I can be more creative. All that jazz. So I'm hoping I will be good at that too.

ANYWAY. I am super excited about the evening. Not only is it my favorite day of the week (new Office!) but I am going to eat at the Spenard Roadhouse tonight. I have never been there and the menu looks fun and affordable. Plus, they have smores for desert. Yum! So I have to go get ready for my big night out. I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow, which will probably ruin my entire weekend, but hopefully it will be the last time that I have to go in. So think pain-free thoughts for me around 11:45 Alaska time! :)

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